Thank you watergirl18!!

  • Thanks so much for that detailed post about past/future/dreams etc. While that wasn't for me per se it did resonate in almost every way. And somehow your age/dream comment triggered a memory in me, I must've had a dream that referenced age recently that I didn't write down quick enough. Hopefully it will come back to me.

    Back to releasing to the Universe...... you will be proud of me, the other day I had a definite shift where I did release to the Universe. It was amazing, I felt it and calmed right down. I didn't get the outcome I had hoped for BUT I got a very interesting email mere hours later in reference to it.

    Naysayers be damned! This will work. šŸ™‚

    Many blessings to you for your good work....


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  • If you would like and have the time! It's been a month since the last one and a weird one at that. He's been quiet since the 9th except for the odd happening the other day. I feel like we've reverted back to early summer when we "talked" every day in aug/sept, but your last reading said he was trying to find the couage to walk away from a situation so I wonder if that's what is occupying him.

    The Universe release the other day was nothing short of amazing and I've felt ok since then. Still miss him like hell, want to give up same days but I just can't, and I beleive it's still meant to be. In the meantime I've been doing lots of great things outside enjoying our awesome weather.

    Let me know if you want dates/initials again? Thanks so much!


  • Can't edit well on mobile device! Meant that in early summer he backed off, end of July to end of sept was "good", now he's back to quiet again.

    and I think of you telling me to stop pouting every time I feel sad! Lol

    thanks again and glad you are feeling better! Maybe I will have good dreams tonight.....

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  • Me march 18 1965 D

    him may 6 1971 P

    thanks! šŸ™‚

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  • Oh wow, I clicked to see who Angela was and you must've just posted! Thank you so much!

    Does the 2 of Cups make sense in that position? I am HOPING for that but I have no one to work on it with except my dreams of him. That is truly what I want and what we were so close to achieving in full.

    I still don't believe he is seeing anyone per se though he may think of it at times but he just keeps reaching back out to me so I know WE are still in his thoughts. I do know he is not happy in his "life" at the time though he has happy moments I am sure. He does have "people" in his life but I don't think I need to worry about them..... although that goes out the window when he goes quiet! When he emails me for 5 hrs at night, nope, there is no one else there!

    Yes, the negative thought issue. I just realized that tomorrow is the anniversary of the day he told me how he felt about me. Then in the following 10 days we have other milestones including our anniversary. Never thought this would go on this long! So I'm going to have to reach deep and hang in there for the next two weeks!

    So more deep breaths and inner peace and harmony. This WILL work, I believe it so much, and really, what is a few months of sadness compared to a lifetime of happiness with the one you truly love.

    Just wish I knew why he got so quiet all of the sudden! Damn stubborn men LOL

    Thanks millions to you for all your good deeds. I hope you are having the wonderful day you deserve. šŸ™‚


  • Oh cool, I love coded messages! I have not applied for anything recently but I have looked at a few things WRT jobs (there are a couple of leads that I previously had that I want to pursue before going forward with anything else).

    Could it be my faith in a reunion?

    Can I also tell you those numbers are in his phone number? Not in that order but they are there.

    Thank you again! šŸ™‚

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  • Good, those are both excellent things. Yes, I took "what you are working on now" to equal "self", so that makes more sense.

    Just have to get him to do the same now.

    Yes, I have the faith, it's what gets me through. As you know some days are harder than others though. Like I said, the next 2 weeks are going to be rough for me. If I can stay outside and exhaust myself I should pull through (or deep clean the house or something)

    Thank you - you are the best!

    <hugs and="" blessing="">YD</hugs>

  • Hi watergirl18,

    Hello i am new to posting on this forum but i do always read the posts an readings that you give to people an was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me a reading on relationships to give me some guidance please my DOB is 10/11/1976. i do understand if your too busy though.xx

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  • Wow, thanks so much for the extra post! Yes, you HAVE said that before. I tend to focus more on inner peace and harmony and not pouting! But I will add that as well.

    Because there is no denying it - you are right. I do want to control by talking to him. I think, "if he would just listen he would understand. This is all so stupid really, all we need to do is talk. Everything is repairable, it's not like I killed someone, cheated or did anything like that. From what I understand he felt we had no future. That is not true. I always listened when he wanted to talk, and now he won't listen to me." (there's the pout) So I hope and pray as I know he did for us in the early stages of our r/s. (seemed to work for him!)

    I did say " I just need my man to now understand it ", I know I cannot make him as he won't talk and I have to respect that. I have not attempted any r/s discussions with him since the end of June. I have not pushed him, I've let a lot of things go. EXCEPT my thoughts. I know that. My mind just will not stop, it's always on about something.

    Of course I obsess about him when I am out there - not 100% of the time but a lot. We did everything together so it's hard not to. I try, god help me I do but it's hard. I did a new twist to a hike and came out in a breathtaking view and just thought wow - he'd so love this and it's not 2 hrs from home - it's all of 6 miles! (and a little of me thinks he's a fool for missing all this but that is not my problem is it?) And when I say we did everything together, I mean everything. Taking up a new hobby is just not an option, I pretty much do everything I've always wanted to do (and he wold have been right there with me anyway). These next two weeks will be brutal for me. But if I sit home I may just pout or be sad in general and I don't want to do that either. I'm actually looking for a PT job to keep me more occupied during the dark winter months since I won't be outside as much.

    I DO get it but putting it into practice is not so easy. Getting easier yes. I wasn't kidding when I said I felt a shift and released to the Universe the other day. It was wonderful and I have felt more at peace since then (not every moment but more than before). He had talked about a ride but never set a time, just that he was trying for a particular time. I was starting to rush to leave work and remembered your comment last month and thought, nope, I'm going to finish what I started here, then I will leave work and see if he has responded. When I was ready to go out, he was chatting with someone about another ride, (it was almost an hr later than he hoped) so I knew he wasn't home or on his bike. I left and had a great ride. Imagine my surprise when 4 hours later he emailed me saying he was sorry but he wasn't going out after all since it had clouded up and he wished he had gone out in the morning! So wow, that worked, I didn't get my outcome but I did let the Universe do its thing and I actually got a response without asking for it. I'm sure it will get easier with time.

    You know me too well my friend! You have been going through this so much longer than I have, I don't know how you do it! But thank you for teaching me more about myself. You have provided me with such great lessons and you have given me - don't laugh now - some inner peace and harmony. I am slowly working on the rest.

    Much love,


    ps - do you have a picture of the Angel of Relaxation? I would like to print it out. Or let me know what deck and I'll see if I can find it. Thanks again.

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  • I was going to ask another question but I think the picture did it for me!

    It almost contradicts itself, but yet it doesn't.

    Thank you - you are an angel as well!


  • After a chat we had tonight, he may actually be seeing someone after all. Or thinking of it. He talks in circles when he doesn't want to give me the real answer, or he's trying to get a reaction from me. He even used the name of someone that two years ago would absolutely get a reaction from me then (and no, I did not ask direct questions about anyone in his life except family). But nothing made sense. But it was a talk and the first decent one in 3 weeks.

    Back to letting go - thank you my friend for the lessons you teach......


  • ps - ok hon, how do I stop the DREAMS? The thoughts I can work on but but the dreams, they are still there. They are vivid and positive and I have no idea if they are what I want to have happen, or if they are prophetic.

    I sleep so little as it is, I can't stay up to avoid the dreams! And I'm not in touch with my spirit(s) enough to know if they are speaking to me.

    Much love and blessings,


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