Leoscorpion - A Reading Please?

  • Hi Leoscorpion:

    I know you get this a lot, and so fully appreciate any time you can share with me. I am very curious to know what is coming down the pike this Autumn and into next Spring. These past several years have been the most challenging of my entire life (which is saying a lot!), although there have been many new blessings as well. I crave some stability within and without - and wonder when it's coming?

    Several different psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants have alluded to me that mid-November is going to be extremely important for me financially; but as that wasn't my primary concern (looking back, I can't understand WHY?!), any other details weren't provided. I'm also getting a lot of info regarding a new relationship coming up - but it doesn't make a lot of sense...

    Just wondering if, based on the following, you can provide a sort of all around clear picture for me of the next 6 months? Also, it's VERY important to me to know whether or not my home life will be happier for myself and my daughter?

    My DOB: 2/7/79, 9:15 AM PDT, Daly City, CA

    My Daughter's DOB: 7/13/08, 3:15 PM PDT, Berkeley, CA

    I realize this is a lot to ask - feel free to decline.

    Thank you,


  • just bumping up in case....

  • wildplaces

    I am planning not to do any reading in November

    it's close to holidays and work / home life start to pick up, as if I have nothing to do already

    but I will give you a short reading soon

    bceause everything else I'm sure the other people have given you enough insight

    hang in there

    just to confirm, is your DOB mm/dd/yy?

  • Hi Leoscorp - indeed the DOB is mm/dd/yy. I completely understand if you can't do a reading - you are so heavily relied upon here in the forums and incredibly generous. Enjoy your holidays - what will be will be; and if it's okay with you, I'll take a raincheck?

    Happy Halloween and Best,


  • Wildplaces

    This is what I can see about the next 6 to 12 months

    Pluto is touring your house of career and public image. Career and public image will undergo changes, starting from the time he was aspecting your midheaven in Capricorn. The areas affected are relationship with coworkers, boss, home life and relationship with your family including close relative. This is a good time to make changes at home and at work. But think about it carefully before you make these changes. If not changes, usually power struggle occurs or it is getting worse at work and home.

    In 2009 Pluto was making difficult aspect to your natal Moon. This is a hard aspect to handle, because from the cosmos point of view, the Moon stores life lessons we haven’t learned. Since Pluto likes to get rid of past baggage, this aspect stirs all kinds of suppressed emotions. If you choose to accept and learn these lessons, you will be a new person when this aspect is over. If you don’t, you will fall into depression or worse. Either way, dealing with this aspect requires a lot of understanding and support from those around you. I would guess that those at home are more supportive at you than those at work. This year Pluto is not that close to your natal Moon anymore, but he will stay in your house of career and public image for many years yet. Do your best to make amends (if you hurt anybody when Pluto stirred your emotions last year) and forgive yourself. Consider your options to start a new, to make necessary changes at home and at work, then take the steps to do so.

    Last year Neptune was touring close to your natal Sun, Mercury and Mars in the house of hopes and friends. If you work in the creative and artistic field this is a good thing. Imagination and creativity got some nice boost. But if you don’t, you have to make extra effort to be realistic with hopes and expectations over things and people (including yourself) or else you will be disappointed big time. Neptune’s illusion will clear up around Spring 2011 through out 2011 you will find clarity in many things that you didn’t understand before. If you do have expectations then, they will be more realistic and practical.

    Uranus planet of change is transiting your house of the hidden until December 2011. Avoid making sudden decisions, even if you feel tempted to do so. The only changes you do will be the ones that are necessary and beneficial to you, and you will change things slowly. Uranus can push you to change things fast, but it can backfire on you if you obey this impulse. During this transit Uranus will be close to your ascendant. You may feel increasing need of freedom and being ‘free’. Don’t obey this impulse either, unless you know for sure what you are doing. Backstabbing in general may rise during this period.

    Saturn entered your house of relationship around September 2010. be very careful with decisions and changes you are making during his transit. Because he rules longevity, any decisions and changes you make during his transit will last for a long time. Make sure it’s carefully thought for. He will stay here throughout 2011. During this period he will come to close aspect to your natal Pluto. Current relationship will be challenging to say the least. New relationships, if you do find one, watch for manipulative and dishonest people. Thread carefully when dealing with others even if you know them for a long time.

    Jupiter is transiting your house of the hidden from 2010 to Feb 2011. He had done so much protecting you from backstabbers, but Feb 2011 to Dec 2011 he will not protect you from those anymore because he will enter your house of Self. You will be in general more optimistic, you pay more attention to your appearance and you will attract more people into your life. They are not necessarily romantic or business encounters, but the possibility is there. Commitment is not so much favored in this transit, just have fun meeting more people and let go of expectations.

    I don’t see anything about finance until 2011. But March 2012 – December 2012 is a better period for getting more income from employment. Income from other than employment and financial help (loan, credit, inheritance, lottery winning, winning lawsuit etc) is an area you can’t rely on much because Uranus sits alone here making it unpredictable, some days you can be very lucky, some days you can be really down in the gutter. You didn’t think much about finance, probably because you had other things in mind, and partially because there is no placement in your house of income from employment (you don’t really think much about this area unless you are really desperate). It’s not in your ‘build’ (birth chart) to think about money. Sun in the house of friends and hopes, you are Aquarius at heart and in mind. Money is less important subject compared to freedom and originality to you.

    If your partnership, marriage or serious relationship life has been turbulent, partially it’s because Pluto sits here. Pluto in Libra enjoys being in relationship, but doesn’t mean power struggle disappears. It’s still there, and either you are demanding/controlling or you will do anything to fulfill your partner’s demands. There is tendency of feeling incomplete without being in relationship. In a way this is good. Because humans are social beings. But humans are also individual beings. The only way to be truly happy is if you accept yourself and be happy with who you are. Otherwise, nobody else can make you happy, no matter how awesome the other person is. I see that creative work is something you will be happy in, spending time with children also brings you joy. Your purpose in Virgo is to be of service without being taken advantage of. Indeed you have the compassion to nurture others but you give yourself too much and it backfires on you. It’s time to look within, know yourself and find out what you need to improve. You can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself. Happiness starts within.

    Hope this helps.

  • thanks for understanding wildplaces

    many can do a reading for you, but the only one who can change your circumstances is you

    I have to do one more reading for someone else and then I have to really go back to my work

    take care

  • thank you so much for spending time with me! i feel very fortunate to have this insightful reading to reflect upon and review at anytime.

    take care of yourself and your family; and have a great holiday season.


    wild places

  • you're welcome wildplaces

    will take care of myself on top of work piling up

    you take care too : )

  • just reviewed again - this summer, my partner and i split. i chose happiness over security and the unknown. i am a single mother, and was struggling to find my way. i have kept a card in a frame next to my bed that reads: "Belong To Yourself" - because what you indicate about Pluto's meaning in my House of Marriages has always been true. I either become a chameleon, changing myself to suit my perception of my lovers' desires; or I trample all over them. I have fiercely pursued all forms of knowledge of my Higher Self, and made and continue to make amends as I become aware of them.

    My career life is becoming a delicate and gracious balance of my creative energy and desires, and my pragmatic, cash-earning side. And with BOTH pursuits - I am able to truly help people, and be of service to the world.

    Life is good - it can be hard, seem lonely and overwhelming at times; but really, when I look at where I've been, what I have gone through, and what lies ahead of me - I know I am blessed.

    Thanks again for your insights!

  • wildplaces

    it's been so busy I don't have the time to look at your reply

    that's good to know that you feel blessed despite life challenges

    if life is easy then what is it there to learn from?

    earning money by helping other people is a double blessing

    I work in creative field too, although I plan to add more spiritual aspect to it someday

    but for now I have to bear with following up my plan paying off debts in 2011

    I wish you the best and sorry I don't have enough time to read your natal chart

    but I am glad transits reading can help you identify certain things in your life already

    hope you have a good week I have to return to mundane life

  • There is beauty even in the mundane - just be sure and don't stay under fluorescent lighting for too long of intervals - you'll be fine!


    Wild Places

  • thanks for the advice

    hope you have a good week !

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