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  • My request for this reading is to know where my career path will lead me? I'm going to get my 3rd reiki attunment and that will put me at a master level. Is there a healing center where I would be working from anywhere in the near future?

    My husband has been trying for the last two years to get another job in a warmer state. He just had an interview in TX, with a company that is expanding and hiring, he was sent there through a headhunter. The company did not hire my husband, saying that he lacked one skill that the headhunter said was not really required???

    My question is: When is there going to be a breakthrough for my husband in finding another job in a warmer state? He has been sending resumes on a regular basics and now of course is a bit disappointed, but he does not give up easly. He is an engineer.

    Looking forward to your reading.

  • K, shauby, as for you working in a healing center in the near future, I feel the ultimate answer is yes but it seems to me that it may be a later on victory...

    Hopefully this next part will make some sense to you. I see you considering a major change (going to work at wellness center?) But first, something will need to be handeled or approached honestly that will take a lot of courage. However, this situation will be resolved and you will get what you want. I'm also wondering if your success is dependednt upon completion of one more thing. If not, then I do see that completing this newest level will bring sucess. I received tow different messages of completion, for some reason I just felt that it may be one additional thing.

    Further more, I feel time is a tricky thing with my cards so I do not claim to be accurate when it comes to time however I did ask when you will be working in a wellness center and received the news of 8 weeks. I just must tell you that I feel that this is much sooner than my initial reading led me to believe so please take that in to consideration

    Now on to your husband.... Give me a few... Feel free to send some energy this way and focus with me.... 🙂

  • For your husband.... Unfortunately I come up with summer. Also the months of june july and august (summer) and also the number one which seems about right for within one year. If it helps at all, I do see that when this comes it will bring a wonderful fresh start and sense of renewal in creativity. (not sure how creative engineers are)

    I then asked for additional messages regarding his job and it showed that after this lull, he will end up quite satisfied with the pay and be most likely making more than others. I also saw a long distance caller so this to me is confirmation of eventual success.

  • Thanks again for your earlier reading. Let me know if you would ever like to trade any in the future. I would still love your insight regarding my relationship sometime, so please let me know when you may have some additional energy to expend and I will post it on a new thread. 🙂

    Also please keep me posted on the accuracy of my readings. I always love feedback

  • OOOh, My apologies, I re-read your question and failed to address where your career path will lead you. I have done a third reading and I have to tell you, I love when I get this kind of confirmation. Also I am now bombarded with 7s in this reading so I'm sticking with 7-8 weeks.

    Your success will come through your ability to attract whatever it is you want or need. You will have good luck in metaphysical pursuits, mending hurt feelings and healing. If you have been off your path you are going to come back strong. You will be thankful that you are well liked and admired and that you are back on your path in your career and spiritual goals.

    Your spiritual development will be resumed and what was missing will be provided.

    I see a GREAT ability to attract whatever you want here shuabby, I can't imagine you don't know this at your stage but if my cards keep yelling it at me, I have to trow it in. 🙂

  • Searching ashes,

    Thanks so much for your readings. You are correct in many areas, as I have felt off my path and by coming to this board I have now wanted to come back with it strong and make it my living and life purpose. I do believe what you said about my husband getting another offer in the summer months as he usually does. I sincerly know that noting worth having comes before its time and your earning it in ways of lessons before it is given.

    Please send your question about your relationship on a new tread.

    Peace and Love To You

  • Good to know I was helpful. My cards showed very strong and positive messages for the both of you in the end. I am confident from my readings that you will both get what you want.

    I will post my other question now. 🙂

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