Reading request from Shuabby or anyone who thinks they can help!

  • Hi, I thought maybe this would be a perfect type of question for Shuabby because clairvoyance seems to be better than cards in my opinion on this complicated question. BUT I am in a mad rush, so if anyone thinks they can help me, please do. I would be happy to give a reading back to anyone who can help....

    My situation is that I was laid off from my job a while back. My job was shipped to India and due to there being no work left for me in the country, I qualified for government money to go back to school. This meant I had to remain on unemployment until the school thing was settled. I was all enrolled and ready to go, the admissions woman dropped the ball and it didn't pan out. I was devastated. I am in the printing and graphics world and want to go back to school to update my web development skills to continue my career that I love rather than start over with a new field.

    Fast fwd a bit, my mortgage company decided to stop working with me because they are no longer modifying loans for people on unemployment. So I need a job NOW in order to save my house. Suddenly through what I see as divine intervention, two jobs come up.

    One is running a graphics department at a printing company and exactly what I do. I know I would do well there. I enjoy the type of work and have run my own department before and would just love to be left alone and do my thing. I went on the interview Monday and felt sure I would get this job. I am surprised I haven't received the call yet and now I am thinking perhaps it is because I didn't follow up. I didn't for reasons which I am getting to... So I have listed the good about that job, the bad is that by taking this job, I lose my chance to go to school and may end up in the same situation down the road because the printing industry without web skills in on its way out.

    K so at the same time, along comes this other job, through a friend of a friend who is just trying to help due to my sticky situation with the mortgage company. When I got in touch with this woman it turns out she works for the school I want to go to and if she can get me in then I would get free education from the school I really wanted to go to!!! I sent my resume, cover letter, received a call back, did the initial testing and am waiting to be called for an interview. Now the problem with this job is that it is an out bound call center trying to get people to go to this school. I have never done this type of work, not sure how much I would enjoy it or if I would do well with it but would absolutely give it my best for the chance to go to school for free and get back to my original life plan.

    Now, although business is business, I have a certain amount of integrity and do not want to call this guy and tell him how much I want to run his department and to give me the job when I would really bail in a week if the school job called. On the other hand, if the school job never called, I would be crazy to pass this job up because other than the school thing, it would be my dream job for the time being. I DON"T KNOW WHAT T DO! I feel I really should follow up with this guy today if I really want the job.

    So my question(s)

    Will either or both of these jobs make me an offer and which one would I be happiest with that would lead me closer to my ultimate purpose. And yes for some reason i feel there is no third choice. I feel everything is riding on these two almost dream jobs.

    ANYONE PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much in advance to anyone even patient enough to read this.

  • Hello Searching ashes,

    I feel that money is the reason you may not of heard back from the first company, running the dept for them. They are thinking of you as a hire, if they do choose you, spirit tells me they will contact you by three days into November. You will do well with this job, as they too may offer a schooling plan once you are in.

    The second choice job: You will not like talking to people on the phone is what I'm getting.,it will bore you to pieces and you will find that the company will set a quota on you for enrolling people into the school. Yes, the perk is getting your education free. I don't feel very postive about this job.

    I heard the name of Barbara right away and she will somehow be instrumental in helping you with a job or you will be working with her.

    I will be sending my reading request to you on a new tread.

    Please let me know the outcome.

  • OH, Thank you so so much for your reply. I will definitely keep you posted and will look out for your request.

  • Shuabby, when you do post your question on a new thread, please let me know on this thread to make sure I don't miss it. I will keep checking back here and with new posts.

  • Oh, duh, Got it, sorry I am a bit neurotic today.

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