OMG I need help here........youngish Aries man and oldish Cancer woman???

  • I've am being persued by Aries male 3/26/75 or maybe 74 born in Cairo, Egypt. I am NOT young anymore...........7/2/1944, born Fresno, CA 11:20pm.

    He is soooo cute, but he is working out of town at the moment and I'm just a little afraid I could succumb to his charms..............and he is charming for sure. I pushed him away at first, but now??? I'm not so sure I want to.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease...........I need some kind of insite on this thing........

    Mz Red

  • Forget the age difference - just worry about personality compatibility. More and more, an age difference is disappearing as a concern in our society for romantic relationships. Love is love, with no limitations.

    As to your compatibility, you should both feel comfortable together, since you both favour direct expression. You however want to see feelings as the main criteria of a relationship while your friend may not be so comfortable with your emotional claims, which he might see as threatening his need for privacy. He is all about action and passion, not emotions. Once he thinks his freedom is at risk in any way, he will be gone. Consequently, you may wake up one morning and find that you have gone too far and are alone.

    Possessiveness, over-sensitivity, or too much prying can cause conflict here. A love relationship or even just friendship can only succeed here if you know when to stop probing your friend's heart and psyche. He will enjoy your attention up to a point but, beyond that, will show more and more warning signs of his discomfort. Although he may feel great fondness for you, he will become increasingly wary of sharing his feelings with you, fearing that he may be giving you the green light to probe further. You will find this very hard to deal with, since a relationship's emotional openness is very important to you. If you can be attentive without smothering your friend and retain your indiviuality here, then the relationship has a chance of being successful, for as long as it lasts. But there will come a time when you need a partner you can share your feelings with, and this man will not be that person.

  • Thank you Captain. I very much feel his push.........pull even now. It's almost like he can't help it either.

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