NEEED HELP...Not trying to be that chic on the back burner!!!!!

  • Hi - Sorry Mister Dangala. One and the same. We have sort of a Mulder/Scully thing going on.


  • Turtledust - Yep I thought so.. I did a reading for you about this subject here, remmeber? 🙂

    Nothing much has changed, only I felt his GF's energies and you are very perceptive she is dangerous and revengeful and if he was to leave she will make his life a living hell. I don't see him leaving her any time soon as I mentioned in the other reading.

    You have to remember he is a Scorpio male and they usually stay with their lovers if the **** is good.. I know I am not proud to being a man either sighs but it is what it is. There are good energies for you both but he is a slow mover, at this rate a SNAIL.. it will be up to you if you want to wait for him to get his life together..

  • thank you for your reading dangala could this third person engergy be our children or someone eles?

    thank you for your help and advice you are very gifted

  • It is a love triangle Nightlight. I am a little perplexed by this reading as you don't seem to feel there are any problems between you and your partner.. Either I am wrong with the energies I picked up or you are not being honest with yourself or not listening to your intuition.. I hope I am wrong.. but if I am not.. I would suggest you talk to your partner.. communication is key in all relationships. I don't know what else to say. I also have a massage of self forgiveness for you. Forgive yourself.

  • OKay Mr Dangala - you are very perceptive. He will hang in there with her even if she is not really nice to him. He is stubborn. But I had a good afternoon doing some work with him today. We are good friends and I am happy for that. I am a bit concerned about him. I have not seen him but one other time in about 8 months and the stress has definitely taken a toll on him. We talk about his kids and his ex-wife quite a bit. I can understand him referring to his ex-wife as "my ex" or as "her" - i.e. never by name - this is a way to "depersonalize" someone. But why would he never refer to his GF by name. I find this odd.

  • He doesn't call her by name because he is not happy with her. She is a burden on him. He wishes she was more stable and more nurturing, but I feel with this woman it's all about her needs, her wants, her, her, her. She is probably a narcissist. Why would he stay with her? Because he doesn't believe he can offer anything worth of value to anyone, so he is staying put with her.

  • Dangala I need your help please. I am VERY worried!

    My friend (G) has been missing for awhile now. I have not seen him around his place of business lately. It is not like him to be absent from the company for this long 😞

    Is his health okay, is he in the hospital? Or, did he go to Rehab?

    Your insight Please

    Friend: June 30,1950

  • I feel he is working on a new project at the moment and moving on to better things. You mention rehab, he could be there as I saw a new door opening for him which will change his way of thinking and the way he does and see thing in his life. OR he could be working hard on a new project, one which came about because of his past efforts which will lead him to better prosperity both in the material and in the spiritual. I am feeling the later is more accurate.

    I don't see him in danger or anything like that.

    If he is your friend surely he would let you know if he went to rehab? I get the feeling you are both not on speaking terms?

  • Hi Dangala - wow -I never thought of that possibililty. My almost ex-husband is a narcisicistic personality.. Perhaps - could it be - that I and this Scorpio were merely brought into acquaintance to see the destruction that can be brought upon us by these personalities?. Somehow - by seeing the destruction that these personalities have upon other the other we are to learn a greater lesson.(we can't see it ourselves if we are "inside the fish bowl".) Could it be that we might learn that we have value as human beings - not just value to others who want to use us. And that is what the lesson is. What a concept. The Universe is not totally random..

    Thank you very much. I feel like I see things in a whole new light now..

  • thank you dangala for your reading both me and my partner have talked alot about this your reading and we both know nothing like this is hapenring at the moment but this could even tho we both want to stay together thanks again for your help and time

  • Around the middle of October was the last time that I saw my friend (G). I usually see him in the Parking Lot. He always smiles at me, whenever we see each other. His business is located on the first floor of my apartment building.

    He still has my heart; for I fell deeply in love with him:) 🙂

    I am waiting for him to contact me, for I do not chase Men. Also, I think that he is ashamed of how he treated me when we were dating. { He allowed several of the employees to sabotage our relationship} He might be trying to figure out how to approach me now.

    Dangala, am I correct in assuming that my friend (G), has sold his old business ? WE worked with Brain Injury Clients.

    Also, could you Please tell me when I will have some sort of communication, or contact with my friend (G)?

    Friend : June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Dangala ~ I like your no nonsense approach. the man I love is just not able to communicate. I don't know if I trust him anymore. Can you give me any insight to his feelings for me? and for his "friend" he says he has no feelings for who use to be my friend? Thank you for sharing your gift !

    my dob 5-19-58, His T ~ 2-1-58 her's D ~ 10-15-60

  • Standing Tall, I feel he wont contact you and the only way you will be in contact is if you make the move first. As I said before to you a week or so ago,your stubbornness and all or nothing attitude ( Your way or the highway type of thing) made all this happen and as much as he has faults and made mistakes whilst he was with you, you are not innocent either. Your inability to see and own your part in the falling of said relationship has made him close the door to you. To move forward one must admit they made mistakes too.. you are expecting him to grovel at your feet, this he wont do because he expected a compromise from you and you let him down.

    I feel you should close this chapter in your life and move on.

  • Joy, he is disillusioned and moving on. He is leaving the past behind and starting fresh. He wants new surroundings, new experiences, new everything.. Mid Life crisis? Perhaps..

  • Dangela ~ He just found out he is cancer free from throat cancer. Can you tell me if he has feelings for D 10-15-60 or me 5-19-58.?? Thank you ❤

  • He feels disconnected from you.. are you too separated? As for his feelings for D, he is in a sexual relationship with her.. but this is not making him happy any more as he wants more, he wants a spiritual connection, something real, something true, she can't offer him anything else but sex, she is not emotionally developed herself.. he is trying to break away from her now and move on. He is going to live life to the fullest now and not look back. Be prepared for some out of character behaviour from him.. he has changed his view on life.

  • I guess I am trying to figure out what the compromise was that he wanted from me.

    I know that he asked me several times to "Be Cordial" with that so called employee that he made a supervisor. For some ODD reason he did not want me to keep things Strictly professional with her. My wanting to be in Professional Mode bothered him. Which I thought was ODD; because, every Boss that I have had in the past ENCOURAGED Professional behavior from their employees!!

    Dangala, are you talking about this?

    Also, why did it bother him that I wanted to keep things Professional, and not act Fake.

    Your Insight Please 🙂

  • Update~~

    Well, my ex and I are talking again. I'm not real sure about how this is going to work out or if it even is. But, he's no longer with this chic. So, we shall see!


    I am interested in knowing how it going with your bf? I hope all has worked out for you!

    Many Blessings All


  • Dangala ~ No, we are not together, I have loved him for many many years though. I thought he felt the same, until he started hanging with one of my best friends. mind you he had girlfriends over the years, although I told him to tell me when he did because I didn't want to be the other women. we had an intimate relationship and although we were not committed I thought it a real lack of integrity on his part to befriend her, of course she did not know the extent of our relationship. No one did, as I was still married. very complicated story.( I'm not perfect either) I did not want him as my significant other as I knew he had issues. But I offered to back off if he wanted to be with her because, well, I loved him and wanted him to be happy. He always denied feelings for her, so I didn't think they were sexual. but what do I know? I guess he lied, never thought he could do that to me. I asked him many times to just be honest & open and just talk to me , that the truth might hurt me but lies would hurt more. guess he wanted both maybe? but he had a hard time opening up and talking. I thought he just had a wall from being hurt to many times, , I should have known, but I trusted him. I also lost my friend, she stopped hanging with me a long time ago. She called once out of the blue to hang out, I asked why we werent friends anymore, she said life was just busy, was sorry she hurt me and valued my friendship. yea right! I did not care to be friends anymore. Thank you for your help. maybe now I can move on and heal my heart. and other things...........

  • Standing Tall he wanted you to trust him. Being professional towards others doesn't mean being cold or indifferent.

    Joywithin1 Sorry hear about your ordeal with this man... this is why I always say love triangles and open relationships never work out. They are tricky ... and seldom do they amount to anything but they do teach us lessons on how we should aim higher for ourselves and not compromise our heart this way.

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