NEEED HELP...Not trying to be that chic on the back burner!!!!!

  • Dangala I think that Watergirl is very busy with Family.

    Could you give me insight into my question please?

    Thank You:)

  • Pilot the call will be a pleasant one. He will need your assistance for a work matter? This is what I am getting. He is sensitive and intelligent and artistic. Your friendship will transform into something more solid and deep.

  • WOW, that is incredible that you picked up that it will be about work.....You are Gifted I must say:)

    Is it possible, that you can tell me what the work matter will be about?

    Also, Can you tell me in how many days he will call me?

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • I keep seeing the number 10 so I would say 10 to 14 days he will call.

    The matter is about a decision made by him. There was some sort of bad energy surrounding this matter. Competition, quarrelling. The outcome will be victorious.

  • OH YEAH!!! The employees in his company are just horrible!! Drama, Drama,Drama, Whew!

    Dangala, if I told you half of what was going on, you would be ashamed to be a Woman!!

    They ran me out of there!! I just could not take it anymore 😞

    So I take it, that he is going to fire a bunch of people and hire me back then?

    I am curious...and I WILL leave you alone after this. Can you tell me in how many days he will tell these Scumbags to "Hit The Road"

    Thanks Again for your Time and Energy 😉

  • Ok Pilot. I will be back in an hour or two and try to see what I can pick up. See you then. 🙂

  • Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am Looking forward to it!

    You are such a nice person spending your time, helping us on this Forum.

  • Thank you for the information on this thread about Venus Retrograde. I asked a question about a situation - started a thread myself - but no one answered. I am happy someone posted some information here!

  • Hi Dangala - if you are here - just a quick one - am I going to get a call and a long conversation from someone I am thinking about in the next couple of days. No big deal. Just wondering. thanks love.

  • Hello again Pilot. All I am picking up is that there will be an offering of some kind I am going with an offering for work.

    Turtledust I need more information. His Star sign? Is he a friend, an ex.. etc. 🙂

  • dangala, hi there anything further you can add to my situation at all, wondering if i should hang on in there or if i too are onto a lost cause??

    many thanks, kerry78

  • Kerry I am sorry to say I see a lot of mental agitation, stress, worrying in future with this man. Is there a way you can contact him and work together to a conclusion? Because I see if you leave it the way it is, there wont be much done between the two of you and this will cause further mental stress for you, I am a strong believer in closure. Bite the bullet and call him ask him what is going on.. At the moment I am picking up stagnant blocked energy surrounding this, meaning you wont get any answers until you make contact.

    I will give you my opinion, let him go but this is your life and your choice. I wish you luck with whatever you choose. 🙂

  • Hi Dangala,

    Would you please give me a reading on relationships, I have asked a few times but no one has even replied with an answer. Am hoping you will please Dangala as your advice seems honest an direct.:-)xx

  • Dangala – I like your no nonsense approach.

    Sorry to post here but ...Quick question please, I recently came in contact with an ex after a year of no contact and he came on strong, was very apologetic about his past actions (I left him some time ago because he wasn’t emotionally ready, but I was in a relationship). He professed his desire to be with me., talked about our future, ect. For the last 2-3 weeks he’s been cold – no contact whatsoever-from him. When I asked him about it 2 weeks ago he said he’s not “pulling away,” I “needed time to figure out what I wanted.” The other guy is no longer in the picture (not because of my ex but because he wasn’t right for me). Anyway given his sudden disappearing act, I’ve stopped contacting him thinking that’s what he wanted but he didn’t/doesn’t know how to tell me. Is he actually giving me time to sort out my situation or playing mind games? If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve never felt the connection with another that I feel with him, I wouldn’t even bother. However, I don’t want to risk throwing away what could be a wonderful relationship due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

  • Thanks!

  • Drean jenxx You went through a rough break up or some loss in the past which hurt you deeply? You need to move on from that. I see a lot of negative thinking, going round and round in your head. Fear of getting hurt is very strong in you. You are not letting anyone in and guarding your heart for dear life.

    There will be some potential candidates in future. One stands out but I see you turning you back to him for fear of letting go and taking a chance. I see you are ok with being alone but you do want some company. I know its hard to find a quality man but you are making it harder by not taking chances.

    You gotta be in it to win it, take a chance it wont kill you. 😉

  • snowball darling, His heart is in the right place. I dont see any deception or trickery or mind games,however the past could repeat itself in this union... because he hasn't changed.. he will still need plenty of space and he will still have panic attacks when he starts thinking about being with one woman the rest of his life. I dont think he realises this thiough. In my opinion you should wait until you meet someone who will appreciates your awesomeness to the fullest. You are an awesome girl and i dont think you give yourself credit for this!

    He needs to sort out his issues before he can offer any serious commitment.

    My 2 cents... call him and talk to him one more time see what he says.. go out for coffee and talk. But really talk and tell him how you feel, be 100 % honest with him, just take it slow because there are some serious sparks here on both sides and it can make things tricky.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Thank you very much Dangala.:-)

    you are so right, I an scared of getting hurt but don't want to be alone! I feel I am ready to meet someone. Could you help me an give me some advice please, I met someone threw a family member that I had a great admirer, I had never met him but eventually I got oppurtunity to meet him an I had an instant attraction that I had never felt before, we exchanged numbers an kept in touch, but we never met up! He then told me he was with someone but wanted to call it off an see me, then few days later after him eventually telling me he had been seeing someone, she finds out about me even though we had not met up or anything an he just text me saying we will just have to leave it an there had been lots of trouble! Do you think he will get in touch as I really felt something for him as soon as I seen him that I have never felt before. Could you please give me some advice please? An thanks again for your help today.:-)xxxx

  • watergirl>>>>>Not sure anyone here asked for your opinion...

    watergirl, I know you wrote that for Dangla who hijacked your thread. It's amazing how someone

    who thinks they have all the answers can arrogantly just step in with their 2 cents. you are right, no one asked for her opinions.

    I wish people would have more respect and not be rude, arrogant, or pompous even.

    Dangla, time for you to have respect, and learn a thing or two about hijacking another thread.

    since you have all the answers, start your own blog/thread even!

  • Divine asked everyone for advise and help, she didn't ask for any reader in particular so I don't know how I Hijacked watergirls thread.

    Watergirl didn't like what I had to say because it struck a nerve in her. Not my problem, my post was directed to divine not watergirl.

    I read the OP and felt a strong vision so I posted it. Devine thanked me for it... so I see no issue here.

    I don't profess to know al the answers. . If I feel a connection I will post. If this thread was directed at one reader in particular I wouldn't of posted.

    Oh and I am MALE not female. 🙂

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