NEEED HELP...Not trying to be that chic on the back burner!!!!!

  • Watergirl - I would still like a reading. 🙂 Mine - 11-13-72 initials SL...His - 5-6-82 initials CS


  • Dangala - I would like your insight as well. I'm just the type of person that I like to hear everyone's opinion or insight.

    Thanks! :-)))

  • Thank you Dangala for everything and taking your time to give me some guideance its much appreciated once again..jenxxx

    I must also say to all you gifted people on this forum especially "Dangala" for all your help and quick responses, i hope all good things come to yourselves as i think its really kind of you all to take time out to HELP and GUIDE people who need advice with your special gifts and talents and not charge for it!!.xxx

    SO NO MORE BICKERING HEY ;-))) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • hi all,

    just a quick one, will i be single for a while?

    would be interesting to no if i already no or are aware of any future love interest!

    kind thoughts k x

  • Jenxx I can sense you are walking the path to awakening. I am proud of you.

    If anyone wants a reading feel free to start a new thread with your question.

  • Watergirl- No I wasn't being Cheeky, I have no reason to! I appreciate every one's opinion!! Although, I must say I'm frustrated on the "future" love department!! lol That's when I admit to being cheeky!! 😉 But, It would be nice to know that there is someone out there for me!

    Many Thanks & Best of Luck with your situation


  • Dangala thanks for your help do feel bit more positive about things! One last thing though please;-)

    when you say this man is near do you mean " I know him already" or in near

    future". Don't worry if your too busy it's just curiosity really.;-) thank you dangala once again my friend. Jenxxx

  • He is in your future, Jen 😉

    Hope all is going well.

  • Dangala lol sorry to intrude, remember when you mentioned I will meet someone I will really bond with in 6 months time? What kind of personality will he have? And what sign will he be? What will he look like?

    Would really appreciate it if you would respond. Thank you! Love and light ❤

  • Miss minty, I am just about to leave but I will be back later and I will do a reading for you and try to see what connection and visions I get. See you soon 🙂

  • Thanks alot!! God bless you!

  • Miss Minty...LOLLOLLOL Dangala you are so Funny!!!

  • Dangala, when you are finished with the lovely Miss Minty, could you please give me some predictions for the month of November Please?

    In regard to: Romance, Money, AND whether or not I will have to move this month.

    Basically, the Positives and the Negatives Please 🙂 🙂

    Thank You In Advance 🙂

  • LOL Pilot..

    Miss minty I am pretty certain the man you will meet is gonna be a Virgo. But because I usually just leave it at the elements and not predict the actual sign, I will say he will be an earth sign.. ( But deep down, I really, really , really feel he will be a Virgo LOL )

    He will be a true earth sign. Very stubborn, grounded and interested in the material realm, not saying he will be materialistic but he likes the finner things in life and wants to have a nice home and not scared to work hard to get them. He works with his hands. I see a craftsman of some sort. He is either studying or will study down the road to further his career and learn more about his craft.

    His looks... I must warn you I don't usually get into these kinds of predictions but I will share with you what I received whilst meditation on your question. His build is sporty, almost like a swimmers. Medium height with dark hair and dark eyes. Olive skin.

    Take care 🙂

  • Ok Miss Pilot. ( Are you a pilot by the way)? I have this deep fear of planes that's why I am asking. I am so terrified of them!!!! But I do like to look at them take off.

    Ok this is what I picked up for the month of Nov.

    Money/work wise - You will receive some sort of offer. However you will feel the need to go deeper in the situation and have a bit of a looksie before you accept anything as matters won't be as clear as you would like them to be.

    Love wise - You will or are in the process of taking a trip over the other side meaning, over the side of the unknown but even though it's/ will be unknown to you, it is also a fresh start, positive and clearer thinking..You are realizing that things were not as they seemed and you are slowly moving on to better things.

    Home wise - I don't see you moving this month... I see someone offering you a new start of some sort I think it's related to money but I don't see you moving.

    I didn't pick up any negatives to be honest, just stubbornness on your part over a matter. I see you set in your ways over this issue and you wont budge untl you get your way. This could be your Taurus trait? I don't even know if you are a Taurus... I am pretty sure you are?

    Take care 🙂

  • YEP!!! You are right Dangala!

    I am a Taurus! Born on April 21,1973 @ 2:05 A.M. in Manhattan, New York 😉

    I always wanted to get my Pilot License, that was a goal of mines when I was around 25 years old; however, due to the economy, at this time, I can not afford the flying lessons.

    Now that I am 37, I plan to do it before I am 40.

    I guess that you can say that I am quite enterprising for a woman!

    007 comes from the James Bond movies I love so much!!

    Thanks Again Dangala:) 🙂 🙂

  • omfg dangala that's a pretty good description! Olive skin huh? Hmmm =/

    Where will we meet??

  • But he will be loyal and reliable and all that stuff right? I can't deal with betrayal again. I just can't.

  • Happy Saturday to you Dangala 😉

    Thanks Again for your insight. I love your straight forward honest approach.

  • Hello Dangala I hope that you do not mind me bothering you again 🙂 🙂

    But, You have such wonderful insight and you have helped a lot of people on this Tarot Forum.

    If you are not busy with Family and Friends this weekend; I was wondering if you could give me some insight, into that job offer you see for me this month.

    Could you give me some insight as to WHAT I will be doing; Or, what the job will entail?

    Also, do you see me going back to school?

    If Yes, could you tell me in what area of study I will study? And in What month, this will take place?

    Thanks Again Dangala for your Help!!

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