NEEED HELP...Not trying to be that chic on the back burner!!!!!

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  • Watergirl,

    wow!! your spot on, i have been what id call an 'emotional train wreck' the past month or so and i think thats what has evidently pushed him away this time! we had recently go back together albeit briefly. Dont no if this makes much sense but I no i want to spend the rest of my life with this person but just seem consiously or unconsiously?? push him away.

    seems we have been throu more in 13 months than most couples do in 13 years!! the relationship went from meeting to moving in together within weeks(but he has now moved out again) at the time it was right for us both.

    my gut is telling me to ring him and i want to speak to him sooooo bad its untrue, but u hit the nail on the head about my fears of him seeing someone else, its something that i dread and we have both recently have had trust issues just totally out of the blue, do u think he has aonther interest??.

    I am definately gonna spend some valuable time in the very near future soul searching! i have spent more than enough time convincing myself i am destined to be alone when in actual fact it is indeed the fear i have the most.

    best way to make that initial contact, any ideas??

    I am ever so grateful to you for spending the time to do this. Many thanks,

    Kerry x

  • Watergirl - ok, thanks!

  • Hi Kerry78, wow your story is so similar to mine! I just wanted to comment on a personal level on something that really hit home: " i have spent more than enough time convincing myself i am destined to be alone when in actual fact it is indeed the fear i have the most."

    I was having such issues in a lot of areas and I too convinced myself that I'd probably be alone for the rest of my life. My basic life structure was such a mess I didn't know which end was up and I need to do some internal housecleaning for things to fall into place. Once they did, it went quickly.

    It's not so much that I fear being alone, it's that I fear being without the one I truly love.

    I unconsciously pushed him away - for a long time. I understood I did so after the fact (I had an epiphany before he fully stepped away and rushed to make a therapy appointment to figure it all out). It was a horrible thing to do and more horrible because I had no idea I was doing it. I understand the reasons why but I was unable to really talk to him about it - by that time he was done talking. I did send an email at that time explaining and apologizing so at least he knows what I did and why - and more importantly, that the reasons why I did it exist no more.

    Anyway, do your soul searching... but it sounds like you know what you want already. πŸ™‚

    I know this needed to happen to me for my own personal growth to happen. I just need my man to now understand it and let US happen again.

    Hugs and blessings to you!


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  • DevineEvanescence He had his fun and now he is making excuses because he is not interested ina commitment with you. Do yourself a favour and let him go he is not worth the mental stress.

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  • I am not being negative I am being honest with what I picked up from Devine. I just don't sugar coat it.

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  • The OP asks for help she didn't ask for anyone specifically. You are letting your own issues of love and ego interfere with your readings and intuition. Think why my post threatens you so much. I posted what my intuition told me when I connected with the OP ...sorry if my vision doesn't sit well with you. This will be my last post to you. Please do not tell me where I can or can not post. Thank you.

  • Good Evening to All!

    Watergirl18, could you please give me a reading as well tonight?

    I had a reading Two months ago, and I was told that my friend (G) was going to contact me in November. Seeing that it has been awhile since we had communication...I was wondering if you could please tell me; WHAT the situation or circumstances will be, when he contacts me?

    Will he need my assitance on something; or, does he feel the need to apologize?

    Your insight Please πŸ™‚

    Friend: June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

  • yellowdaylily,

    thanks for your comments, its funny but i feel better with the knowledge that its not only me with these crazy issues!!.

    I too knew what i am/was doing to the relationship but just could not stop myself, im not too gd with talking to ppl about my feelings especially those ppl i care for and bottle most of what i really want to say up.

    You are right tho i do no what i want for my future and who i want my future to be with, i just hope it will not be too late.

    Patience is not really my strong point and i am finding it difficult not contacting him but so far so gd!! How simple things would seem if we didnt fall in love hey ??? lol

    Kind thoughts, Kerry x

  • Watergirl, thankyou for that it would be great if you would x

  • Hi Kerry78, no it is not only you lol! People are complicated, I know I am. We don't always meet the right person at the perfect time in our life for it. We had talked so much in the beginning about everything, then my life went BOOM! and I shut down. He continued to talk - he was ready for more "us" and I wasn't (but I didn't want less "us") and I know he was frustrated because I couldn't. The more I didn't, the more he did, it was a vicious circle. Then add the "pushing away" thing that I didn't even understand at the time - ouch. I understand now these things had to happen. They were imperative for growth and rebirth on both sides. I too have a tough time with patience (but so much better than my younger years lol) because I feel healed but he's still not talking. There is nothing I can do about that though. I am really frustrated as things were looking decent, he was contacting me for 2 months straight and has now backed off again. But I can't push him as he will back away further.

    Inner peace and harmony, no pouting, stop trying to control, patience, release to the Universe ........ All things I am learning to do from wonderful Watergirl18 πŸ™‚

    Now I admit I am human and having a tough day due to triggers on my end, so I am going to do something stupid like run 7,8,9 miles and see if I can shift pain from my heart to legs.

    Much love to you Kerry78!


  • I too am in the same situation. My Leo is confused about what he wants, 50 years old... We have been together 2 years, separated for the first 6 months of this year. Things were better this time around, I thought he was finally ready to commit, but I found out differently. He wants to be single during the week and coupled up on the weekends. Unacceptable to me. So when he told me he was confused last Thursday, I asked if he needed some time, he said yes. So here I am wondering how will it turn out. He has the control issue and trust. His wife dogged him over 20 years ago and it seems he still hasn't let it go.

  • Why do they shut down? This pisses me off to no end!!!!! Are they testing our patience?

  • I appreciate every one's help! But, right at the moment he's barely even talking to me! So, I'm afraid that it's best to say that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me! Or I'm just really feeling that way myself so!

    Many Blessing's


  • Dangala,

    You were right, cuz he's currently with some other girl!! Thanks for your insight!!

    Many Blessings


  • Sorry to hear that Devine...not to worry more fish in the sea and more deserving too.

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