NEEED HELP...Not trying to be that chic on the back burner!!!!!

  • I'm extremely upset, & need help and or advice about the current relationship with this guy. He says he's confused and I'm not trying to be that girl on the back burner! If any one could please help I'd appreciate it very much! My dob 2/1/81 & his 8/5/79

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  • ok we"v known each other since we've been 10 yrs old, I moved 1300 miles away and we recently started talking with each other on fb. He flew out here for 2 weeks n it whent great, n he had to go back home n he said he hoped it worked out for us. Well, he's telling me that he's confused, and don't know who or what he wants between me n his ex!

  • Thank You very,very much Water Girl I pray you many unversal gift's ten fold! 😉

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  • I don't want to hijack but I have a question on the retrograde and past vs present (since you and I are in a similar position I think!)

    If one is considered the past but things can be resolved does that makes it something new? Does that make sense?

    Now that you've posted it, I'm wondering if the retrograde is part of his quietness at the moment (have not seen him since the 9th and he's been exceptionally quiet this month)

    No need to answer WRT my r/s, I just found the comment interesting in light of my issues, and same with DE as she is part of his past as well!

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  • Watergirl~ It seems your spot on, We started talking around Aug 27 & he flew out to see me Oct 13, But, I'm wondering if he's just got scared & pulled the e-brake. In all reallity I'm tryn to figure out if I wanna put up with this, because I'm not really trying to have my heart broken. My husband just passed away April 1,10 and any one can understand the situation. I'm sorry your in the same boat, Some people these day's just don't know what they want!! Yes, I normally settle for less in my relationships, thus something I need to work on! Thank You sooo very much, this has helped me!! I hope you find someone that loves you, And aint trying to play games!! Sooo spot on!! 😉 Many Blessings

  • So what does that mean exactly if we started before venus in retrograde? Is that a good thing?

  • Thanks for the reading material! 🙂

    DE - so sorry to hear of your H's passing - I can't imagine the pain. 😞 I hope things work out for you and that you find true love and happiness.

    Many hugs.......


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  • Thank You soo much,

    YellowDayLilly, I'm trying! 😉

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  • WaterGirl,

    I tottally agree, u and I are two peas in a pod!!! 😉 It's hard stopping the negative thinking, but must be done in order to grow!!

    Thanks soo much, hoping for the best!!


  • sorry to just randomly pop into your conversation, i have just skimmed through the thread and had to stop and start reading again, it was if someone had wrote this about myself and the situation im in at the moment .... im still a bit of a novice to be honest and am desperate for some insight or advise about how im meant to deal or look at the situation i am currently in with my ex partner, he too seems confused and in need of space and we are working on issues which we have individually, but i dont want to be made a fool of or like yourself left on the back burner!

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  • thankyou so very much, my dob is 14.09.78 (initials k), ex dob is 02.12.85 (initials r).

  • Watergirl - OOOO, I feel like everyone is gona hijack this post, sorry Devine. 😉 I'm going through a real rough patch myself. My initials are SL, dob 11-13-72 and his CS dob 5-6-82...yea, that's right, I'm older! lol

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