Birthday Reading Request ;)

  • Hi!! - Blmoon, Captain, Leoscorpion, Shatz, Flowsco...Gosh its been awhile... Hi to anyone else reading this 😉

    I wanted to say hello to everyone!! I haven't been on the forums for a while. This is such a great place for support and learning ground...Love the ladies and gents on this forums. The support and love words can describe...

    For anyone who does readings...Its my birthday today and would like a birthday reading for the coming year. All readings welcome. Career/Love/Money anything spirit says in store for me.

    11/4/74 8:05am PHT

    Love and Blessings to All,


  • **gentle bump

  • mariplatnum,

    Happy Birthday to you and what a New Year You have in store for you.

    You will want to start anew in you career area or take a differect approch to career. I feel you are quite good at what you do or want to start as your own., or a side job. New Beginnings is what this new year will be about. You should take care in matters of the heart as I fell a speration on the horizon may be due to travel. You will be wanting to chase rainbows a bit and noting wrong with that > I feel Europe here.

    You will be having the time of your life with love and friendships. You just may stumble upon a new love in a most unusal way (meaning you will not be looking). I feel a university coming in here. Do you teach or you will be in or around this university. Good things coming as the result. New friends coming in and around you. Ron, Joesph, Julie or Joanna, Susan

    Have A Very Happy Day.

  • Shuabby!!!

    WoW! What a reading! New beginnings seem to be a theme for me. did you know ...I was offered a trip that is still in the planning process for next year. A lot of things to look forward to - and the University.. I'm in the process of starting next semester too!....Thanks for doing a reading for me. I'll keep you posted. Thank you! You made my day!

    Love and Blessings to you,

    Mari 😉

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