The Clue Phone is Ringing. Are You Going to Answer?

  • I remember the many times the Universe has tried to prevent me from doing something that I wanted to do anyway. No matter how many obstacles were put in my path, I forged ahead, determined to succeed at all costs. And I paid the price in time, energy and heartache. Why did I not see the clues for what they were, warnings that the path I was on was not the best one for me? What made me forge ahead with my plans, determined to see through whatever was before me, no matter what it took (and sometimes it took a lot)! The clue phone rings often in my life and I don't pick up because I don't want to hear the messages but I have learned to listen and then wait for more information because the clue phone always tells me exactly what I need to hear.

    I think that being an Aries has something to do with it -- I can be very stubborn but there was also an element of fear. What if there was nothing else beyond what I saw as my only option? If this didn't work I would have to start over again. So when the clue phone began ringing, in the form of events, situations, signs and hints from everywhere, I just pretended to be deaf and blind and ignored them.

    One situation stands out in my mind as a great example of this. I wanted to work for a company and had managed to contact the CEO and get an interview. This was a leading edge technology company I admired and respected and I really wanted this job. So I had the interview with the CEO and the department head I would be working with. The CEO was impressed but the other man was a little nervous because I was more experienced and qualified than he was. I noticed he kept looking at me and I could tell that felt very uneasy. (Clue number 1)

    But since I had impressed the CEO, I was sure I had the job. So I kept in contact and waited for the offer letter. Meanwhile, I got several other interview offers but turned them down because I knew that I was going to get this job. When I called the department head's office he was never around and never returned my calls (Clue number 2). Then I called the CEO and he said it was out of his hands, it was up to the department head (so he wasn't going to support me, Clue number 3).

    I had some software that this company produced and one day, a month after my interview and after making another call to the company I opened my desk drawer to get the product CD and it had broken in half. How that happened is a mystery because I always kept the CD in that drawer, along with others and it was the only one that was broken. (Clue number 4). So I called the company, which was located in my city, to ask for a replacement and they said I could stop by to get one.

    I drove to the office and walked up to the door and it wouldn't open. The receptionist tried to buzz me in a few times but the door was stuck shut. Finally she got up to open the door for me and it wouldn't open for her either (Clue number 5). I was trying to pull it open from the outside, she was pushing it from the inside and it just wouldn't open. After several tries (she said that had never happened before) the door opened, I got my CD and went home.

    The message was clear, the door to that job was stuck shut and I needed to look elsewhere. It had only taken me a month, several dozen phone calls, a lot of frustration and some other missed opportunities. The clue phone had been ringing loudly but I wasn't listening. I wanted that job and did everything I could to get it.

    The clue phone is the Universe's way of letting us know that what we are pursuing is not the best path for us. But since it often happens when we are in a situation where we feel that we have limited options or really want what we're pursuing, we see the clue phone as another block in our path. It is, but it's trying to get us to change our focus, to move in another direction and to let go of our will and surrender to the process.

    How can we surrender when we need a job, want that relationship, have our heart set on what we're pursuing or think that it's the most wonderful thing possible? We have to answer the clue phone and hear the messages it has for us. Then we can let go of what we are pursuing so hard (that's a huge clue, when we want something so much we will do anything to get it) and see what is beyond it.

    When we're focused on a particular outcome we get tunnel vision and become oblivious to everything else. Our perspective is gone, as is our ability to question whether this is the right and best option for us. The louder the clue phone rings, the more we resist its messages and yet we need to hear them. Then we feel blocked and stuck and have two choices, to push ahead or to stop and wait for more information. Can we let go of this dream and trust that another will take its place? That's hard to do but if the clue phone is ringing, it has a message for us that contains another option. And it's in our best interest to pick up.

    Is the clue phone ringing in your life? What messages does it have for you that you don't want to hear? Can you take a chance that they will be the right and best options for you, even if that means you have to let go of what you have your heart set on and let the universe bring something else to you? It might not be what you want to do but if you open yourself to other possibilities, you may be surprised at what can happen.

    In these interesting and transformational times, we can be overwhelmed by what is happening in our lives but there are always other solutions. Here are a few things to help you get through the difficult moments in your life:

    Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

    As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:

    Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.

    Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.

    Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.

    Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,

    Jennifer Hoffman

  • great articule poetic,

    i must read it again, further detail



  • 🙂

  • poetic,

    after reading this wonderful articule that you submitted to us for our growth and learning, i went about my house doing my chores, and thinking about things like this that have impacted my way of thinking and handling situations like that. i dont remember the exact year,it was either 1077 or 1978, a 747 yet was leaving los angels, the plane had just taken off, a man rushes to the counter hands his airline ticket to the receptionist, the receptionist, tell him sorry sir, your flight just took off, he starting arguing like it was the receptionist fault that he had arrived late to the airport, just as he is arguing over the loud speakers, they announce, that flight had just crash and they believe by the way it crash, there were no suvirors, the man just stood there before the reseptionist, in a frozen like state, this i read in the news and i never will forget;

    god intervine in his plans, had a another plan for him, for god know all things as it is stated in his holy word, ever since that day if i am going to do something and it dont work out, i tell myself, there is a reason for that, so many times when i was younger, i use to kick and bark sort to say when i had my heart set on doing something and it didnot work out,

    the years passed,sept, 2000, living in new york, i knew so many people that either work in the twin towers or work in wall street, this lady i am going to talk to you about maybe one day if you come to my house you will get to meet her, she will tell you her story, i am going to tell you now incredibly, on tuesdays, she would begin working at 12:00, so every tuesday she would leave her house in the southern blvd are about nine a.m. she loved doing her shopping, and banking in the stores they had in the sub-basements, they had in the twin towers, that morning she left her house at nine a.m. the el number was a block away from her home, when she looked thru her purse, she found her wallet, was not inside, wondering what happen to the wallet, for she never takes out of her purse, she gets home and ask her sister, and her sister, told her, i was looking for the pump, and i forgot to put your wallet back inside, so happily she takes the wallet, gets her mta card out, and start walking again to the train station, she get on what i believe is the number 2, train and heads out, she would have to change for a stop, in manhattan to get to fulton street, station, bieng just two stops away and a block away from the world trade centers, they announce on the train that the train, would not be moving any further, that the world trade centers had been attack, everyone off. it is a long journey for her now, she had to walk back all the way to the bronx, and you know what i am talking about it was a long walk, it was a walk that she never will forget, but bieng a cristian, she tells me that she walk back as far as she could, took off her shoes, and she was more or less my age at the time, singing phrases of phrase to the lord, yes she had a long walk ahead of her, but she had her life, a valueable thing at that time, she didnot know the mission that god had for her in her coming years, two years later she retired, her husband and her moved to florida, her daughters started following her up to florida,

    she was able to take care of her mother the final six years of her mothers life, she was retired from a paying job, work never did stop, she babysat, for her three daughters, while they work and help thier husbands, in total six grandchildren, three no longer required baby sitting, but three do, her mission in life, god let her live so she could be there, this lady i am talking to you about is my youngest sons wife mother,

    yesterday i had a experince my heart was very set on meeting a very dear friend, before i ever even knew it my plans were change, my friend wasnot feeling well, which i send her prayers, and hope to hear from her today. then boom, you will read it in the thankful thread, why fret, why get annoyed if it dont work the universe is just sending you a message, just listen and do other things, just be happy, you might just even up singing phrase of praise to god almighty.

    love ramonita,

    blessing, hugs

  • Amen Ramonita! The Lord works in mysterious ways, if she had not went back for the wallet the timing was perfect, we don't know the mysteries of the Universe why some live or die, one days all things will be revealed. When I'm driving around sometimes I have learned that when someone is ahead of me driving too slow, I don't complain because they may be saving my life from an accident up the road.

    Even with all the tragedys there were miracles also.

  • Wow.This definitely gives me a new perspective at looking at those little things that pop up for a reason...I will defintely reread this. Poetic and Romanita - thank you both for sharing your stories.


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