Balance the Left and Right Brain to Raise Your Vibration

  • I, Kuthumi come forward to you again in love and honor of you. Yes, you. You do not understand why I, Kuthumi say this to you. I honor you for the great service you are experiencing, for the wondrous learning and expansion of soul which is yours. You grow in Light and seek to turn away from all forms of darkness – both within your mind and that which surrounds you. And in all of this is beauty my friend. Great beauty. You see, each realization of Light, no matter how small, is an experience of beauty. For as you consider the experience, and turn it to a Light response, you create great learning, great beauty.

    As I have said many times, to relive the past is futile, to dream the future is just that – a dream. It will require planned steps and your action to bring it into your reality. What do we have left? Now. This moment – now. This is your moment to create – now.

    Next Step

    I spoke previously of your higher mission. My brother, Arch Angel Gabriel assisted me. You read his message and thought “ How wonderful, yes, I wish this.” Of course this brings us joy. We celebrate your acceptance.

    But now my friends, now – in each moment which is the now, you must carry your mission into each moment. Do you see?

    You must understand this is your future. This is your new vibration of Light – of being, of living. We understand this will require you to remember – not past events of this lifetime or those of a previous lifetimes. No. It is to remember from whence you came. To remember that which is contained in your soul. It is this knowledge, this way of living in Light – Soul Light – NOW. This is what I encourage you to open to. This is your next step. This great step will open you in preparation of the new energy being showered upon Earth. You are part of this my friend.

    Is this not cause for celebration? The cosmic energies assist you. I have spoken to you of the Gateway of Unity and the magnificent resurrection of this. You now understand this is to assist mankind to open his heart to release all which has been – all I say.


    Your past now holds no authority over you. Understand this my friend. It is important. No authority. The Creator/God does not judge you – you do. And may I say some of you are extremely harsh and even cruel to yourselves with your anger and abolishment of your self.

    The purpose of remembering was to clear through understanding. Finally coming to a total release and peace, thereby freeing yourself.

    “Too difficult,” I hear. It is not too difficult, no. It is that you find this an unpleasant experience to do, so you turn away. Make excuses. Put it off. Yet deep within your soul stirs and pricks your conscious mind. You know you will be required to do it sometime……why do you wait? Is your fear so great you will allow that emotion to hold you back from future glory? From future creation open to you. Do you not see this is an emotion of fear you are creating.

    I have spoken of the now. Of your choice in each moment of now, what action you choose to create. If this is you, you have chosen to create fear. That fear has placed a barrier to the light of your soul. Your conscious mind then seeks to offer excuses, to deny. I ask you, “what is the result?” It is that you miss a divine opportunity for growth, for release, for inner peace? It is my hope that by explaining this to you, you will understand the process. In understanding you are able to release any fear you may be holding.

    Another Cosmic opportunity

    So it is my friend, you are given yet another opportunity to assist your journey of enlightenment. The full moon of October 23 is a powerful time for you. It is a time to anchor into your Diamond Hearts unity and balance for all things in your life. A time to pioneer forward on a new path of Light of your own creation. A time to stand in the cosmic shower of new energies. Create in the now. What is it you wish to achieve - to be? No looking back. Practice being in the now moment. Man must now open his sub-conscious mind and fill it with a new creation. All that you have outgrown and no longer need must be released. Your spiritual strength is now being tested.

    Stand firm. Anchor in the Light. Open your Diamond Heart to your full and complete wondrous glory.

    As you do this further, the importance of the material will seem to fall away. You will understand these material pleasures are yours for but a short time to use. They will return to the Earth and disappear. But your Light, your Soul Light will go on; will rise to the glory of victory in the most powerful experience of all your lifetimes. That experience is now – your journey back to claiming the magnificence and power of your creation. The White Fire Flame that burns deep within your Diamond Heart, fueled by your Soul Light. You are remembering my friend. I extend my arms to you, my love to you, as do all who stand in the full Light of the Creator/God.

    Power Balance

    As you begin to awaken, to remember, your perspective will change also. This change will raise the vibration of each cell in your body. So you are able to carry more Light within. So many seek a higher path of enlightenment. It begins with your intent. If you truly desire this, if to walk a higher path is your intention, then let us begin.

    Balance Left and Right Brain

    I begin by teaching you this first important step on this level of your journey. It is not difficult. Many millions who have gone before you have accomplished this. So can you my friend.

    For many of your years you have been taught not to day dream, to think in a logical manner. There are times when this is still required, but not all of the time. For some the habit of being logical is locked into their sub-consciousness. They find it very difficult to imagine, to day dream, to really listen to what they feel inside. I tell you this time is past. Now the left and right brain must be in balance. It is necessary to operate the right brain in order to advance on the path of enlightenment. Trust is also necessary. It is time to trust what you feel. Not simply trust what is in your heart, but also to trust what you feel about situations and people. This requires letting go, and knowing all will be well for you. With practice you will develop trust. Trust in your own knowing, and trust in us here. I will instruct this one in a meditation to help you develop this essential balance of your brain.

    Blessings to you

    Master Kuthumi Channled by: Lynette Leckie-Clark

  • Where can I find the meditation? Everything you've channeled resonates - I can balance the left and right, I can trust, I can know - I have a personal ritual that works for me to access those who've asked for my help. But I can not help myself. It is rare that I can balance for myself.

    A meditation guide would be very very useful and helpful.

    Thank you,

    Wild Places

  • Poetic,

    Wow, lovely thread... I would love to know more ...

    definetely an important poart of opening up your subconscious and not being fearful

    this is great!!

    Blessings !

  • Hey Girl did you move to NY to become famous? 🙂

  • What?

  • That was for Addicted to Riches! 🙂

  • I thought so - but wanted to be sure. Do you have a link to a meditation (you referenced one in your first post.)?

    Thank you ~

    Wild Places

  • poetic555,

    hey girl ! lol, i dont even think im halfway close to NY, *#$% I wish !!!

    im awaiting for my opportunities...

    hows things going for you ?

  • Slow, Slow, Slow, waiting on my "Big Break Thorough" It's coming and trying to focus on a side gig to make money, the Angels say we have to find a "source" to receive our money from. Alas I wait, hope, dream, wait, hope, dream and BELEIVE. I was hoping to win $100,000.00 last week, no such luck! 🙂

  • poetic555,

    Amen ! to that.. lol, aren't we all waiting for our breakthrough's still ?..

    what kind of gigs do you do ? music, ect.. good luck honey,

    it's a good time to, the holidays are right around the corner,

    I feel 2011 is gonna be so much BETTER, 2010 has been all

    work for me shesshh the rewards will be reeped.

    don't give up either ! keep on keeping on, i could sure

    slerge $100,000.00 right now, better luck next time!

  • Wild Places- Forgive me, I just noticed your ?, I'm trying to figure out what you mean by Meditation???

  • I will instruct this one in a meditation to help you develop this essential balance of your brain.

    Blessings to you

    Master Kuthumi Channled by: Lynette Leckie-Clark

    Wild Places- I think this is what you were referring to, (this one) is the person Lynnette who receives the messages from Spirit, we will get it in the next Channel I'm sure. Thanks!

    Addicted- I don't really have a gig so to speak, I used to Bake made good money but it got old, gotta find me a side gig though so the Creator will know how to fund my Creation. I think next year will be better although I have grown tremendously, spiritually this year. Still have a long way to go. I remember you had a reading that was excellent and the person told you you would be a famous model or something, The Universe will make the right connections for you, watch and see and remember us little people! 🙂

  • OH (insert flashing light bulb here) - Thanks Poetic...I feel silly, I didn't realize you were pasting to share with us all...I thought you were Lynette! Thanks for posting these channellers though - it's pretty interesting, and I've been finding it all very valuable.


    Wild Places

  • K.

  • POETIC555,

    Baking hmmm.. see this is the perfect time of year for baking !

    i hear you though your ready for something new. yes, kudos to that !

    This year has been a blessing, Right i've came so far on my spirtual path

    its unbelievable, im happy for you though . Poetic555, i've had a few readings

    where people tell me they see fame in my future, my first ever reading a man

    told me i will be a star as well which is what led me here, alot of people say i can do it,

    but believe me when you get to hollywood those people will kindly and politely insult you lol

    and it can become discouraging but i believe my time will come. & i will never forget where i came from, the little people will be the reason why i will become successful .

  • AwWWW! You will be at the right place at the right time and be careful of vultures, enter some contest or something, what about American Idol??

  • Usually you get discoverd or sing back up's it's meeting the right people.

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