Divorced with kids....am i doomed to have bad luck...?

  • can i get married again? my birthday feb 1 1975 ..got out of very abusive marriage 3 years ago , i have three little kids ,. i am struggling to bring them up with low payed jobs..i am dating one guy born nov 11 1968,,is he the one for me ? or another disappointment.?.

    please help me

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  • Dear Mocrogirl,

    Good for you that you removed yourself from your former husband. Now you will know most of the red flags without being told when you are around men that may have the same personality that he did. With this knowledge you will have to study this man you are now dating and write down a list of what you find postitive and what you find negative about him. Than you will make your choice if he is a keeper. I do feel that you will have your guard up around men for sometime to come and that you need to find some peace within and calm. Next yr you may take that time and just chill a bit by yourself, really not even missing a man to much in or out of your life, not senseing you will be alone by any means, you will date more than one until your heart and mind tell you that you are ready for the best man out there for you. When you come to this point than he will appear and he my dear will be a man you will stay with for the rest of your life. You have one child feels male in energy that will be brillent in the music area of life, either a composer or writes songs for the famous. One thing about children is that they have their own personalities and each one will see life through diffrent eyes. Yes, they have been affected by the abuse, but I sense that life will take them down pathways that you will be proud of.

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