My last post was long, my apologies

  • i didnt think people would mind reading that much, maybe i said to much, i just thought a glimpse at what my life has been like, would help people understand what kind of advice to give me... or maybe this is a tight knit community and i put my business and nose where it didnt belong... my bad peeps

  • Hi Tippin - I think its good that you wrote what you needed to. Alot of people find that theraputic and if you are a Cancer then it is a def. a theraputic way for you to release how you feel. Cancers do have a tendancy to only say what they feel when pressed and then it is never a good thing. We keep alot bottled up. In any case, your life has been so filled with so much struggle and sadness and pain and suffering. Perhaps it would help if you start to look at yourself as someone deserving of a great life and then start living your life the way you want it to be. Before you even achieve the kind of life you want FEEL as if you are. Act as if you are. Make a list of the things that you want in your life. Not a huge one. Just focus on say, 10 things you want to bring into your life. Raise your standards and demand more from others knowing that YOU DESERVE IT. Don't settle. Not ever. Not for anything. Leave teh crap behind and move forward and imagine yourself, every chance you get, living the life you want, fantasize about it if you want. If you can see it, you can be it. If you live it again and again in your mind, eventually it will manifest into reality. Take the necessary steps to bring this dream closer and closer to reality. Don't be deterred by the negativity or lies of others. Do not allow them to influence you at all. It may sound trite and silly, but the power of positive thinking and manifesting has worked for many and there is no reason in the world why it can't work for you. take care and I wish you only the best and all the good you deserve. Peace...

  • Hi Tippin, Don't feel embarrassed by writing a long post. Sometimes I can relate to a problem straightaway at other times it can take a few days for me to think about things. As moondreamer has already said, a lot of the time writing down your feelings is a very therapeutic way of releasing your frustrations...I often do it.

  • You gave very good advise MoonDreamer, just think what it would be like if we all could work harder on the positive. So hard I know when your in pain whether its physical or emotional. But if you keep working on it, things do start to change. You may not notice it right away. You know what they say about hid sight. Its a great reminder for me too, I need to keep it in mind myself. Thanks

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