To Shuabby...

  • Good Morning Dear Shaubby,

    I was just wondering what is ahead for my immediate future. Hopefully something wonderful. My Aries love appeared at my door last night to tell me that he does not know what is ahead, but only knows that he wants me in his life.

    Your thoughts?


    December Girl

  • Dear December Girl.

    That is wonderful news for him to bring to you and I feel it is from his heart. I need to ask you a question? Is Mr. Aries married, as I feel he is just unable to committ to your need of security at this time because of a need to be somewhere else and than make time to be with you.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I had to sleep on this one...

    Athough I cannot imagine that anyone here is remotely interested in my life, I still hesitated.

    The answer to your question is Yes.

    I thought about giving you all the reasons as to "why" our situation is "different" but I would not think of wasting your time.

    I can only tell you that I love him and believe he loves me.

    You have hit the nail right on the head, when you say that he has to "make time to be with me" as he travels all the time. He is "married" to his job more than anything (or anyone) else...

    If there was any doubt to anyone, if your gift is real, doubt no more. And with that said I hope your gift enables you to see the entire situation. I want to write a million reasons here to try to make you understand my perspective, but I won't. What I will say though is that the "other" person is not always the "villian", the spouse is not always the "victim" and the married person engaged in the relationship is not always a "cheater" sometimes they just want to be (need to be?) acknowledged, appreciated and loved maybe just a little bit, by someone...

    So there it is Dear Shuabby, if you care to respond.

    Love and Light to you and your loved ones, now and always,

    December Girl

  • Dear December Girl,

    I'm not here to judge only to reply in the way I'm directed to by spirit and my ability.

    I feel your lonely-ness in this love affair and yes your joy and splender when you are with the man that you love. I understand that yes you can love two people at the same time in very diffrent ways.

    Your future with Mr. Aries is one that will be carried on status quo, as I don't feel him committing completely to you at this time. His life is completly fullfilled and comsume with both love and work. It is your choice my dear if you want to continue to be a part of his life, as he will have the door open for you. I'm being urged to tell you to ask yourself if it would be possible to find another Mr. Right that would be more of a companion and life mate to you? To open your mind and heart and ALLOW another to step into the shoes that you find so hard to fill. Believe me he is out there and you just may find him in 2011 when you least expect it. This will be a meeting of the minds and than a physical blending that will be heaven sent to you as a gift , one that very well could last the rest of your life.

    This is from me personally: It is wonderful to have a love affair that you will forever carry in your heart and mind such as your having now. Time always tells the outcome, it is up to you to set a time limit that you want to give to another without losing your own essense of being able to give yourself the opportunity to find just what you have now , only with a man that will be more of a spiritual, connected on all levels man for you. As always the choice is yours to make.


  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you once again for your kind and thoughtful response.

    You say that there is someone "out there" for me. Well, It's been 8 years since I have been with my Aries. I have never closed the "door" (or my heart) to the possibility of love, but I have not met anyone over these many years with whom I could see myself with and to be totally honest, I took that as a message from the Universe, that this was the man I was supposed to be with.

    It is not always him that leaves,by the way, sometimes it's me, BUT we always come back to each other. I have attempted to move on at least 3 times over the years- with a high profile symphony conductor, a younger man and just a regular guy who was divorced with 2 children and despite my sincere attempts to have a relationship with those men, I was not able to. And to be quite honest, I was relieved when it was over ( they are all married now, and all claim they are with their "soul mate") which leads me to believe that I am not too far off base with my thinking.... And yes, I wish them all well and happy for all of them.

    The connection I share with Aries, was just not there with any of those men. Actually, I have never experienced it before, and do not think I will have that with anyone, other than him ever again....

    So, as you well know, I am a believer in you and your God-given gift and will contemplate your response. From your lips to God's ears....

    Blessings, and oce again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!

  • Dear December Girl,

    This feels like it is a past-life relationship that you now have with Mr.Aries. Perhaps you two were married in your last lives and you both were very much in love with one another, but one died from illness and left the other I do feel like it was you , longing for your missing heart link.

    You found each other again this time around only again to be sperated in a diffrent way. The pattern for this relationship has never been sealed. Leaving it open to finding a way to complete fullfillment or a mutual ending.

    I still feel another man coming in around you , he will be 5yrs younger than you and he feels to be like he is a bit of a sports lover, he played basketball and most likely still does, he feels like a teacher and this may be he is your teacher in matters of love. He brings with him a heart that is solid gold. He feels like a tall man and I see big hands with him. Will educated in his field, he does or has worn suits, he may now be in business for himself. I see a C in his first or last name. He is not far away from you in time. Of course the choice is yours to make.

    May You Fly On THe Wings Of Love

  • Dearest Shuabby,

    Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found another post from you! I laughed and cried when I read your response.

    I have a dear friend who is a psychic who has told me the same thing about Aries and I being past life lovers. As a matter of fact, she told me the same thing, that he had died and that we have been apart only to find ourselves again in this lifetime. Thus our instant connection (and attraction.) Not sure I believe or understand past lives, therefore my interest in this one...

    The thought that there could truly be someone for me other than him, is a distant dream for me, but because the message is coming from You, my heart did skip a beat when I read your words.

    In your previous post you write "This will be a will be a meeting of the minds then a physical blending that will be heaven sent to you as a gift." Those words along with your last post made me cry...tears of joy, tears of hope.

    You also write " The pattern for this relationship has never been sealed. Leaving it open to find a way to complete fulfillment or a mutual ending..." Of course I want complete fulfillment with my Aries in this lifetime and however many lifetimes lie ahead for us, but will take your words to heart and be on the lookout for Mr. Tall with a C in his name 🙂

    Fly on the Wings of I can only hope, dear one. Your kindness to me during this, my very own soap opera, has meant more to me than you will ever know. And of course, You will be the first one to know how it all ends...

    May God Bless You, Now and Always.

    PS....You say "He is not far away from you in time." Do I dare ask what that translates to in days, hours, minutes......Just wondering 🙂

  • Dear Decembergirl,

    I read in short term which means three months out. That is my earth time I give, however God has his own timing and I have to allow and respect that also.

    I read for a friend of mine and told her that she would move out of state. She said I never will leave this state. Six months later she called me and said. Guess what ? I'm moving out of state to----. Never say never is the motto.

    Your friend,


  • Dear Friend,

    Never say never, indeed! After all these years, what's another three months! Of course you know that I will "never" give up the hope of having my happy ending, after all dreams do come true, BUT...I also pray every day and night that God has not forgotten me and hears my prayers.

    The prayers that I say not only for myself, but for my Family, Friends and all those whose hearts are in need of healing. That He will fill our hearts with Joy, Love and Hope, so that we may appreciate the beauty that is life.

    I know that He will answer in His own time and in His own way....but I still hope and pray and dream 🙂

    With Gratitude and Love

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