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  • Thank you for sharing this. Last week I went to a relationship workshop. There was so many emotionally broken people in the room. I got a horrible headache. I was paired up with someone to do some excercises and he said he felt soothed by what I had done. It was very simple I just touched him and I felt like this was a soul that had been so hurt by other human beings and undeservingly. I left the meeting with an intense headache and fell asleep as soon as I got home. It was not my intent to help anyone at that time. i had gone hoping to get some healing of my own and left completly drained and worse off then when I had gone to this event. So how do we get the healing that we need when others can be so draining, even if not meant to. I used to shrug off this undeniable problem of being in a public place and feeling drained instead of revived. It makes me feel a bit hermit-ish. Especially when I am dealing with frustrations of my own. Hmm. Well those of you that are "in tune" you see my picture. What do my eyes say to you? I dont even know what kind of empath I am. Can anyone assist me please? Where do I turn for healing of my own. Not sure how much longer I want to continue like this.

  • Oh I'm so sorry there are many many Empaths on this forums, they all use different techniques, I've posted a lot of ino on protecting yourself, read thru and empower yourself you are not powerless, read the one from ArchAngel Michael. You will get other help! "Blessed Be"

  • I'll ask some of them to see if they can help you.

  • Thank you poetic.

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  • Hi lovinmylife,

    Just some thoughts for you,maybe you have already heard of some of this...The headaches i am very familiar with and the draining of my spirit makes me sleep also! Along with picking up everyones emotions, pain, whether its the physical or the mental anguish they are going through. I remember when I was just a wee one:) also picking up on all of this but as I headed in to my teens I used to numb those voices, and feelings with alcohol, drugs you name it...Thank "God", I no longer do this to myself, its been over 13 years...

    Hi Poetic 🙂

    I'm not sure if this is the quiz i took awhile ago when I finally gave in to my Empath, although I'm still learning to filter out the unwanted negativities...but i have come along way from knowing and finally excepting this part of my life without numbing the feelings and thoughts.

    "Some say that we are all born with Empath qualities"

    For me, I personally believe it is a gift and there are more gifts hidden behind an Empath, (now this is just my opinion...) The more I allow myself to learn the more I pick up on other gifts inside...I just let some of it flow out when I am feeling secure enough with sharing some thoughts and to make sure they are not my "Ego" that is sharing, its someone else inside of me...Now I'm just a toddler learning, but the biggest lesson that I have learned that has help me is "ACCEPTANCE" SO HERES A LINK AND I'M SURE IF YOU GOOGLE EMPATHS, QUIZZES ETC. THERE ARE LOTS MORE TO LEARN AND RESEARCH ABOUT EMPATHS..

    "Research,learn,except,cover yourself in lots of light where ever you go....Stay away from NEGATIVE people this will suck the energy completely out of you, well me anyways, I can only speak for myself." I hope some of this helps lovinmylife.I just had a quick look at this link, i pretty sure this was not the one i used, i will look again...But this is a good start for you on figuring out what type of Empath you are..There are 5 types i think, sorry just a little brain fog this



  • me again lol...i hope these links don't get taken down...another on i found through tarot....


  • hahahaha, again it is me...

    i live in Vancouver, canada my time is now 11:22 got to like that number hehe hey poetic...

    let me know when you will be on next lovinmylife...i have other thoughts in case thes links get taken down...

    love and light


  • 🙂 The Brain Fog is contagious because I am so lost mentally today, just wanna sleep, think about this, lately when I'm meditate I'm falling tottaly asleep as soon as that intense Energy is on me, Wham! I'll wake up like 3, 4, 5, minutes later, never happened before, somebody said maybe thats what they want (guides/masters) don't know very weird. If I have mentioned this before, just iqnore me. Love ya!

  • Hi,

    Do you find that when you work hard to protect yourself from receiving all the noise & feelings from others especially in a crowd it hard to reconnect to yourself? Sometimes I feel as if I lose myself when I'm only trying to stop input from other people just for a bit. Sometimes I just want to have a day without the work to stop feeling other people's emotions & especially their pain. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

    Blessed Be

  • MyJourney thank you! I followed the link and found some really intresting info about empaths. What I didnt realize is that I was doing some of the things that were showing me that I have gotten somewhat out of balance. Those were becoming reclusive so that I dont have to deal with other peoples emotions invading me. Second, was that I have been somewhat shut down to other peoples feelings and pain, in a way just blocking people out completely. Guess we all get burned out sometimes. Also I was digging myself into a hole with my negative thought pattern after a nasty break up that happened at Christmas time. But oh the knowledge I received is really helping me to understand where I am at and why I have been behaving this way. So thanks again.

    Amused, yes I know exactly what you mean. That is what I was also questioning. That dreaded feeling of not knowing whose emotions belong to who can become quite frustrating. I know I start to feel a little bit looney after dealing with needy types. Well that goes without saying for a lot of people. But do you ever find yourself starting to feel exactly the same way after dealing with someone elses issues. Its the strangest thing and quite burdensome too. I can become reclusive when this happens and very depressed. Its a horrible thing to deal with. I can shut down completly in those situations as a way to self protect which isnt really any fun either. I end up appearing as cold and disconnected which is very far from the truth. I think Poetic's posts about protecting yourself is a good place to start.

  • Oh I also wanted to comment on what you said Poetic about the falling asleep when meditating. That happens to me often. Or if I get through the meditation I want to sleep like NOW. I suppose its because we get in such a relaxed peaceful state of mind we crash where others may feel more rejuvinated. May be a symptom of taking on too much of others gunk. Its hard to tell sometimes isnt it? Im not really sure but I do know that my sleep patterns have been very erratic lately. Possibly just getting ready for a new chapter in my book. Its funny how as you grow and understand yourself and your intuitions its as if they have a pattern. I know in relationships I will get the nastiest sinking feeling in my stomach when trouble is on its way even if there are no obvious problems. Now some might say I am creating the issues by allowing myself to feel that way, but for an empath or psychic or what you want to call it, that feeling is a warning and I will become immediatly aware of whats happening with my partner once I acknowledge it. Well Im rambling....back to you...

  • Well a lot of folks say you should follow those gut feelings or take heed to them and figure out what's right, is the gut feeling usually right? One of the articles says imagining an Egg Shaped Light or even a rainbow as a shield works too or your favorite color, it''s not fair that you enjoy your life, practice, practice to see what works best, someone said on page 1 I think that they count mentally to diffuse the incoming messages when they don't want to be bothered. Did you see the one from Arch Angel Michael? I'll put a link here. 🙂

  • This is the link for Protection from Arch Angel Michael.

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