• Psychic Advice: There are three major forms of psychic abilities: clairvoyance, which in French means "clear seeing" and involves seeing psychic visions; clairaudience, which is hearing psychic messages; and clairsentience, or empathy, which is receiving psychic feelings or impressions. Empathy is the easiest form of psychic information to receive, but it is the hardest to define, because you must be clear about whether what you are feeling is yours, or if you are picking it up from someone, from someplace, or from something else.

    People who are empathic are very sensitive to everything and everyone around them, and have often been told that they are "too sensitive", particularly throughout their childhood. Empaths are heartful, caring, kind people who want to please and make other people happy, and often tend to do volunteer work, or to work in service to others in some way. Empaths can have a tendency to be overweight, particularly in childhood, because they use their weight as a type of shield to protect themselves from other people's energies.

    Empathic people can be "psychic sponges", picking up and absorbing energy everywhere they go, which is why it is very important for empaths to have strong boundaries of protection. It is absolutely essential for those who are empathic to envision a bubble of white light around them at all times as a psychic shield.

    For those who are extremely sensitive, it is even better to imagine layers of boundaries like a rainbow surrounding them, beginning with a layer of red around the body, then a layer of orange surrounding that, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and finally a thick layer of white light surrounding all the layers. Those who can be highly emotional may also want to put these rainbow layers around their heart, because empaths tend to experience the world through their heart, which can be challenging and painful.

    Empathically sensitive people must be very diligent in cleansing themselves of other people's energies. One can release energy by using an affirmation such as, "I am willing to work with all that is mine, and I release all that is not mine". It can also be helpful to affirm, "I am willing to receive all that is for the highest good of all for me to know, and I am protected from all else". This will create a filter, so you will only receive information that is important for you to know and act upon.

    You can use meditation and visualization for cleansing yourself energetically. You can visualize the doorway to your home and office as a shower of light that washes away all negative energy from all those who pass through it. You can also release negative energies by washing your hands in cold water up to your elbow, or standing barefoot in the grass. Whenever you take a shower, you can envision all negative energy being cleansed from you.

    Meditation can also be very helpful for getting centered within yourself and getting to know what is going on within you. The most challenging thing about developing and honing empathic abilities is learning to discern between what feelings, sensations and emotions are yours, and what belongs to someone or something else.

    Before you leave your home, take a moment to check in with yourself to determine how you are feeling. Then get a sense of what you feel inside you as you encounter different people and places throughout your day. If you meet a person or a group of people and find yourself feeling suddenly angry, depressed, sad, or agitated, or even having a sudden headache, tension or other aches and pains, then you may be absorbing energy and emotions from others. Ask yourself, "Is this mine?" to determine whether what you are feeling is yours or not.

    Always watch out for sudden shifts in your mood or emotions. If you enter a place and suddenly feel tense, uneasy, gloomy, or even frightened, or if you get physical sensations such as chills, gooseflesh, or dizziness, then you are picking up energies from what has transpired there. Places and things absorb energy from the experiences they have "witnessed", and therefore hold a historic record of significant emotional events. Empaths especially need protection in emotional places, like funerals, cemeteries, haunted buildings, crime scenes, etc. Empaths or clairvoyants can intuitively read the energetic impressions that have embedded themselves in a particular place or thing using the psychic gift of psychometry, which is often employed by psychic detectives.

    One of the ways for an empath to read psychic energy is through the hands. Psychometry involves touching an object or photograph to pick up on psychic impressions, which can come in the form of certain feelings, emotions, sensations, visions or quick flashes. Empathic people can also use their hands to read energy from people, making them outstanding healers, nurses, doctors and massage therapists. Empaths can feel when and where energy is flowing harmoniously or inharmoniously, and how to correct and balance it in people, and even in places. Empathic people are also excellent at real estate, interior design, and Feng Shui, because they can pick up on what other people want and need, and what makes others happy or uncomfortable - so they are also ideal matchmakers!

    Trust is always key to developing intuition. You must learn to pay attention to the feelings and impressions that you receive wherever you go. You may have a feeling that you don't want to go into a certain place, or you don't want to connect with a certain person - always trust that those feelings are there for a reason, whether it makes rational sense to you or not. Remember that intuition does not come from the rational side of the brain, it comes from a place of higher knowing that is meant to guide you and keep you safe, so allow yourself to always trust what you feel.


    So it is with psychic abilities

    We tend to pay attention to certain kinds of data and disregard, on a subconscious level as often as not, all of the other information coming in. This seems to be a kind of protective mechanism. Without this natural tendency to disregard most input we would be bombarded with a vast flood of psychic data. So much so in fact that it is likely that no one could function for any length of time.

    Another part of our natural defense mechanism is a field of energy and information that surrounds our bodies. This protective quality seems to be one of the primary jobs of our aura. It acts as a natural filter for incoming data and energy. We can strengthen this field using various methods, which will help to control how much we have to deal with on a deep internal level.

    For now, we will work with these two key components, as they can be brought to bear fairly easily in an emergency situation. From these two essentials we get several ways to protect ourselves from outside information.

    1. Distract yourself from emotional thought patterns and psychic information that resonate to these thought patterns. This can be done in several ways. You could try and do complicated math problems in your head, for instance. Another popular technique is to visualize an object in between you and the incoming information. Try a red rose or the face of a popular movie figure. This is a fast way of finding some relief, but far from the most effective.

    2. Strengthen your natural defense field and distract yourself by visualizing a wall or force field around yourself. A glowing egg of energy works well, pick you favorite color! The more vivid the shield you imagine, the stronger it will be. You can set this field to keep out any kind of information you wish. In fact with a bit of practice you can allow in only one type of information, which will allow that info to make itself known on a far more powerful level, as it will have no competition for your attention. This is perhaps the most common technique of shielding. You can also ground yourself, let excess energy flow off of you, by imagining a link or cord that goes from the base of your tailbone to a point deep within the Earth. Some find this helpful, and if nothing out requires more concentration to visualize, which may help you find relief.

    3. If you are ready for something a bit more challenging, but very effective, you can generate a protective field of information in concert with your subconscious mind. Instead of visualizing a shield around you, try to feel the field around your body strengthening on a fundamental level. Do this without using mental images or words for best result. You can control the type of field you generate by holding a deep meditative state while keeping the concept without distraction in as pure a form as possible. You can use this field to perform any shielding task you wish. This type of shielding is very powerful, but really only needed if you are actively under a strong mental assault. (For more information please read the article "The Greatest "Secret" of the Mind." By Dale Power)

    Now these different ways of shielding will only work against non-physical intrusions into your mind. For physical threats you have to use a more advanced technique, Aversion Shielding. An article on this topic will be coming soon.

    For now you will find that you have to concentrate on shielding at about a 1 to 4 ratio. One minute of concentration to 4 minutes of shielding, as the effects tend to linger for a bit. As you gain confidence and solid technique you will get far better results. With more advanced methods you may only have to reinforce your shielding once every week or so. (More on this later too.)

    All three of these techniques are useful for different things and you will find that learning to use them all can be of great benefit. If you are having trouble with psychic intrusions into your mind, you can trouble shoot by using them all in the order given here.

    by Dale Power




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  • Poetic....You are so right! Yes, it appears I am an Empath! This describes me perfectly and I already devised a way that works for me "some times". I am a counter! When these feelings come very I will go somewhere and all of a sudden I start feeling a certain way like angry, sad and I have no idea why....I start saying, "One, two and three" over and over or I will count all the way to 100. I thought it was just my way of avoiding a "panic: attack" but I have done this since I was a child and now I see that it is a defense because I use it only when I am in public and did not know why these feelings would wash over me. Now I do though...makes perfect sense!

    By the way, a friend of mine and I were planning to go to a psychic fair being held in a hotel in the next city over from us. My son was going to go possibly as well. We've planned this for close to 2 weeks now and I have been really looking forward to it. This morning I feel like something is wrong and I shouldn't go! I just don't understand why though! I don't want to disappoint my friend or son and I really want to go but sense I shouldn't. I am really confused and I don't know quite what to do....go or stay? I hate when this happens because I have not gone certain places when I've listened to my intuition and as far as I know, nothing happened. I have also gone against my intuition and nothing negative happened. I am very conlicted here as to what I should do. Any advice?~Blessings and love~

  • MorningGlory Poetic doesn't have computer access on the weekends. Just didn't want you thinking she was ignoring your need for an answer. Don't know what to tell you, go with your gut I guess. You could always go along and maybe decide not to participate. You'll know what is right.

  • Ooops I meant Morning Glow, must have flowers on my mind.

  • Thank you RCdreamer...I wasn't aware. I posted an inquiry to get some others feedback. I appreciate hearing yours is well. Your'e probably right, I should trust myself but I wonder is it the participation or should I not travel there for some reason? I just don't know. Perhaps you are right, once there I can decide. thank you very much for posting and informing me of Poetic and also your insight is greatly appreciated!!~Love and blessings~

  • MorningGlow this feeling is a heads up but doesn't in my experience have to be something really bad. It is though a warning. You not going could be the missing ingredient needed for what ever your feeling to happen. That has been my experiences in my life anyway. It's a heads up so you have to be the deciding factor for you. It could be that something will go wrong with the car that has been the case with one of my own experiences when my husband chose to ignore what I was feeling because I never know why. I just feel we or I am not suppose to do something. Don't know if that will help you. There are sites you can go to that empathes talk and compare experiences. Empath Community, Empath Zone and Empath Chat are some of them if you would like to google them. Tarot will remove the links if they catch them here. So you might want to look for them.

  • LibrasLair..Thank you so much and I agree with you as well. I hate to miss out on the opportunity but to totally disregard my feelings doesn't seem wise either. Perhaps as long as I am totally aware and look for other signs or indications to avoid something negative, everything will be ok. I appreciate your insight and I will most definitely go to those sites. I sincerely and greatly appreciate your input and advice.~Blessings and Love!

  • Hi MorningGlow,

    Wow - do I know that dilemma! Since I can remember, there were places or people I just either didn't want to be around. or absolutely wanted to be with (without any prior knowledge). As a teen, I became very vocal about my feelings when my friends and I would be out and about and they would want to stop somewhere that sent my "bad vibes" meter off the charts. I was constantly teased (and still am in a loving way) for my insistence about my vibes - but for some reason, they always listened; and we avoided those places.

    I'll never know why a seemingly benign place or person would send me into a sort of panic the closer I get - I just know when that happens, I listen. Most often, I am an explorer of the world, and unafraid. I love to meet new people, and tend to give a lot of myself very quickly to most despite cautionary tales from my past or the words of others.

    My advice is to always trust your gut - always, always trust your "bad vibes" - you are protecting yourself from something. Since you won't be there, you won't know what it is. If you go, it may simply be an incredibly overwhelmingly uncomfortable feeling that leads to panic or anxiety. It doesn't have to be worse than that to be avoided in my opinion, we all have enough to worry about in the realm of our conscious lives - why open up to more?

    Poetic has posted a really great and useful article here - I appreciate it a lot. I am definitely an empath, and think I have some clairvoyance that remains latent or limited for some reason. I really want to take the lid off of the clairvoyance as the experiences I have had with it have been amazing.

    I also want to add. I think there is a huge value to personal rituals. For instance, I only truly open myself up to read for others when I can sit under the stars, and be grounded in the earth - with my cards washed in the moonlight. I also have learned to use crystals as "tells" to help guide me towards those I read for ONLY, and know when I have found them. Amethyst is particularly powerful for me; but it may be this particular stone's history, meaning, clarity, etcetera.

    The more exploration and experimentation we all can do with our own rituals and meditations - the more clearly the answers will come.

    My only problem is reading for myself - I've got a complete block on access to my own path. Is this a typical issue???

  • Hi WILDPLACES,,,,thank you greatly for your insight and support. The more iIpost on these forums the more I see I have always had a gift but just didn't recognize the specific signs. I have been developing my abilities more and more and since really listening to myself to trust first impressions etc. especially when they come out of the blue. However, when it comes to myself it is almost I am much like you in that I love going and my mind is always running on full speed ahead. I have a vivid imagination as well...that is a problem fo I imagining or did I truly get an imprssion. So hard to separate. I have decided to go to the fair as things have evolved and I am feeling better about it. You can rest assured though I am on my guard. i have no idea if I will partake of any reading as there is something that tells me I am not ready to hear something. But, I don't know if that is accurate either.

    I will let you know how it turns out! Have a beautiful day and thank you again for your advice and support! ~Love and light and many blessings~

  • I am assured that you know what is best for you. And that when you are there, you will know which vibrations to connect with or to avoid, if necessary. Enjoy the fair! It sounds like a lot of fun - I wish there were something like that where I live.

    A vivid imagination is a gift, not a problem. Perhaps you need a tool to help you clarify the messages/impressions you receive/pickup? For me, I use Tarot cards, and I have an immediate first impression that jumps out like a free association. As more cards come to be laid in the spread; the same process continues on - and it tends to reflect/validate the little voice that I heard before I even looked at the cards that told me the story/answer. That is how I know it is not my imagination - that and the feedback. The more readings I do, the more clear I become on my own signals.

    Have you thought about offering readings for free here or elsewhere? Maybe you do already?

  • Good morning WILDPLACES...I went to the fair and I walked around feeling panicked as a great sadness overwhelmed me. It was a sadness of great depth and devastating as I connected with what it appeared to be. My youngest son took his own life by hanging himself and it has devastated me. I thought I had come to terms with his passing but obviouslky I have not. The sadness i felt at the fair was the gut wrenching grief of a great loss. I know it was about him and for whatever reason I am not prepared to hear whatever it is I am suppose to hear. I attended another psychic symposium in LasVegas, Nevada not too long ago hosted by Sylvia Brown and one of the mediums picked me out of a crowd of about 2000 attendees to give me a message from my son. It was beautiful, welcomed and cleansing. The medium and I spoke and my son spoke through him. It was an extremely emotional conversation but very accepted and wanted by me. Yesterday, I felt the grief if it were fresh and . My son and i were very, very close and we always had an agreement if one of us left before the other to communicate. he strongly believed in the hereafter to the point that I believe he took his own life in the belief the hereafter would be better than what he was experiencing here on earth. We both knew we had a psychic bond that was and still is unbreakable. I also know I have been blocking him from communication to me in some aspects because i am not ready. I believe my son wanted me to hear something yesterday but for whatever reason I was afraid. I am afraid! I am also afaraid of the grief.

    Once I get more attuned to being able to read others more accurately I will try and read for others. I have experimented with it a little on this site. I was very accurate but I have to be in what i call my "free zone" without conflict in my own life interfering. I am going to do what you suggested in your earlier post so I can learn more and understand how to develop more. Bless you for your continued support, understanding and know I appreciate it. By the way, I predicted my son's death and he was across the United States from me and i tried reaching him and could not get there in time. I tried every resource available to me. I don't think anybody could ever understand the anguish of knowing your child is planning death and not being able to reach him or convince others what is about to happen. ~Love and Blessings sent your way!~

  • Dear MorningGlow -

    My heart is with you. I don't think anyone could understand the trauma that your foresight added to the anguish of your son's suicide has left for you. I can only imagine the intensity of your pain. Any mother losing a child who has the will to live on has a resiliency, courage, and reverence for all life that is beyond my comprehension. My daughter is two, and from the moment I saw her heart beating on the ultrasound, I felt an unyielding love and force inside me to protect her. It's the maternal instinct - and your experience is the maternal nightmare become reality.

    All I know is that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for; and that you still feel intense grief and overwhelming sadness is absolutely normal. It is not a reflection of your weakness, or unpreparedness for the rest of your life. I imagine it will always be with you and is a reminder of your strength, courage, and commitment to life. Try to be kind to yourself - try to forgive yourself. Life is a force that can not be controlled; and your son's life was his to live.

    Perhaps he needs your help now, on the other side, to know which path to choose? I've read Sylvia Brown a bit, and know that she is clear about the prospects for those souls who have committed suicide to find their way home. Your son may be in that dark place of limbo; but still have the gift of your connection to know you can help him home. Maybe his message is an opportunity for you to help your baby again, and keep him safe from harm one last time in this life.

    Please know that I have a wide, open heart for you - and I feel deeply for your suffering.

    All my love,

    Wild Places

  • Hello All,

    Sorry if I'm repeating anything anyone said . . . haven't had a chance to read the entire thing, but I wanted to let you know that the stone carnelian has wonderful protective properties. I have a friend in healing jewelry and she has made bracelets of carnelian. I've always been an extremely sensitive empath and after donning this bracelet on my left wrist (which is where we take in others' energy) it was a dramatic change! It doesn't even take a bracelet, simply carrying a stone or two in a pocket on the left side can help immensely. I completely agree with the protection suggestions of poetic et. al. and found it interesting that once I realized I was an empath, I was able to work on controlling it myself and quit even wearing the carnelian bracelet some time ago, though I continue to carry it in my purse. After working out of my home, mostly alone for a long time, where the energy of others was not continuously a concern, it's been much harder to protect myself in an office environment, where I've been the last year. But it's much, much better than it was the majority of my life!!!!


  • Excellent suggestion!

  • Hello Guys, I'm so, so happy that you guys have enjoyed the article and found each other, how beautiful is that! There is so much love and help here on this site, people giving so freely of "self" to help another.

    Morning Glow I think what Wildplaces told you is very, very good advice. I've always heard "follow your first mind." Or First Instinct and it will never lead you wrong. I'm so sorry to read of your temporary lost of your son, because I believe we NEVER really lose them, they (family/friends/loved ones) are here with us to share in our life's journey in this round for whatever length of time and then we will see them again later and rejoin them. God loves us all unconditionally and I feel your son only has to forgive his self and ask for God's light to lead him home. I sincerly believe that. I know souls linger around when they feel they have unfinished business here in the Earth Plane and also our sadness and mourning of their lives keeps them from moving on. I think you should either talk to him, or write him letters he will see them, tell him you love him, you don't believe he made the right decision but the past is the past and when you are ready RELEASE him to move on to continue his lessons on the other side. You will feel better and he will feel better. I truly understand darkness as I used to suffer from Deep Depression and even admit at one time in my life I thought of doing the same thing. If I had not turned to God who know what would of happened. The night before I thought of doing something stupid my deceased Aunt came because she knew and that gave me encouragement also to keep living and I had to release her because my grief was keeping her from moving on. You have our total love and support at all times and it will get easier in the by and by! I'm glad you guys found each other! "Its going to be alright."

  • Poetic, Wildplaces and Joyful Spirit...Thank you all! I will be fine, you are right! I am a very strong person and I will get through this one way or another. Understanding, compassion and your words of encouragement and advise help more than you will ever know.

    I usually can handle the sorrow, the grief, yet there are still moments it comes pouring out and I am a basket case then but most of the time I deal with it. I do know he is in a better place, a wonderful place and we will meet again. I just miss him so very much.

    Joyfulspirit...I will try the camelian stone as I do absorb others emotions as Poetic has pointed out to me. I think that is an excellent idea.

    Thank you again, all of you are wonderful and I feel blessed to know you and receive the love and support you so freely give. ~love, Light and Blessings to you~

  • I am glad to hear back from you MG.

    Always here for you - as I said, your story touched me to the core.

    With all love,

    Wild Places

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