Sag women needs insight to Cancer Man

  • hey everyone so I need some insight, help, a lookie-loo into my love life at the moment, I currently casually seeing a cancer man (2-7-1985) and Im a sag (28-11-1984). I've fallen hard for this man and it's a first for me. he doesn't seem to have the same feelings at all. I'd like to just take it all very slowly and see what could come of it all but he's so closed off, clammed up that I don't even know where I stand with him. I do understand cancers are hard people to get to know and to get them to open up but there has to become a point where I wont be able to just sit and wait for a round about answer from him. is there anyway to get him to open up just alittle so I know im not wasting time on the wrong person????

  • Misunderstandings can occur here if communications are not specific enough. Don't beat around the bush - say exactly what you mean if you want to get through to this guy. Any philosophical flights of fancy on your part will go right over the head of this very vague person. Romance is unlikely to click here unless there is a solid physical attraction on both sides or some other definite reason for you two to get together.

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