• Just wanted to let you know I did a tarot reading for you in a thread a while back. Not sure if you ever saw it, but wanted you to know it is there. Hope it provides some useful information for you!



  • Jenlyn123,

    Im so sorry, i must have forgotten about it. ;/ hehe,

    could you post it here by any chance ?

    thanks ! 😉

  • Sure thing! Here it is:

    Addictedtoriches, Thank you so much for allowing me to be the first to read for you! What an honor that is! And a great deal of pressure too! 😛 As I've just told MagicSoulsDream2003, I'm feeling a little less confident tonight, so hoping that this comes through okay.

    First off, I see a very significant ending to something in your life, and a new beginning. Not to alarm you that this is negative, as I sense this is a major shift in a way of thinking more than say a job, or a relationship - though certainly these areas would feel the impact of such a change. Seems that there has been a great deal of internal struggle with this decision/change/shift and that it has been hard fought on your part, or has met some resistance. I get a lot of very strong, powerful male energy in your reading, but there is also a nice balance of very strong, nurturing female as well. Not sure if this is pertaining to you, or to individuals who are in your life?

    There is a newfound sense of peace and harmony going forward and I see others looking to you for guidance. You are a little too heavily focused on the material, or more earthly aspects, and need to balance a little more spirituality into whatever endeavor this refers to.

    I don't get a sense of whether this is pertaining to your love life or career, specifically. I really feel intuitively that this is a big picture thing for you - almost like starting over completely. I can only say that it feels significant and that there is a very positive feel to it, though there was some negativity in the past, which seems to now be largely overcome.

    I'm finding I wish I had gotten more out of this, and perhaps if you leave some feedback or shed some light on what this is about, I can try again. In any event, I hope there was something of value in it for you.

    Many thanks again for the opportunity.

    Love and light to you...

  • Jenyln,

    Thanks Angel for the Reading.

    I feel you can get to the core of people, without even trying you have a natural

    unspoken talent with reaching into people its almost unexplainable

    and even though you may understand that person you cant explain it back to

    them because its very little logic for something that hasn't come into existance yet

    and very little logic to give a person that is misunderstood, that the beauty of intuition. I greatly appreciate your reading it touched a few bases.. Right now im on a floating path in my life

    so I understand what you mean,Usually when im on my floating period im almost 'JUST LIVING LIFE' waiting for the my next big move, its almost as if Im writing out a plan and waiting to put it into action.. Im waiting for the action to take place . Lol, its a little complicated.

    Thank You very much for your lovely reading, & Im sure your readings and continuing on your path will take you very far and bring you many blessings.


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