New but need some insight

  • I am going through some emotional struggles right now. I have made some changes in my life and have been very happy but am now feeling the loneliness setting in. I am single, never been married with no children and feel like time is slipping up on me. I've also had some health issues in the past few weeks that have left me scared. I am trying to surround myself with positive thoughts and energy. I do have someone i am interested in but for now we remain friends...not sure how he feels and i am scared to change anything. I've enjoyed reading the posts in the forum and am willing to listen to anyone who feels they would like to share. My initials are TC and my dob is 1/5/74. Thanks again for and light to all..

  • Noles2010,

    hello, glad to share with you what i feel...

    I feel as if you've tried so hard to do "Things" as far as your work

    career finances ect. that you've forgotten about the small essential things in

    life that privode people with so much joy and healing, i feel you want to

    be secure and promised so you've worked as hard as possible to get that, Your a hard worker

    But at the end of the day your work rewards only offer so much, it dosent provide a intimate

    relationship nor a someone to be there for you genuinely, but you dont wanna be a burden

    onto people.. its the essential things in life that we need.. friendships, love,family ect

    there no such thing as a one-man army. Take som time to enjoy all that you have accomplished, make it a point to make a new friend guy/girl, go to a new cafe, most of all

    RELAX, i feel osmetimes you worry, enjoy the moment.. I keep hearing New Enviornment

    you should try searching new environments where you can Relax,Enjoy, & meet and greet

    also keep seeing almost like a lounge, cafe, do you drink coffe ? check out a lounge

    anywhere that you are not familiar with!


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