• Any advise?? Ive been dating a man for almost a year and we finally decided to move in together. Long strory short he was sleeping and I picked up his phone and it was his sons mother. She knows nothing of me, nor us living together. I dont know what do????? She was very nice to me I dont understand and am so lost I cant do anything.

    please help

  • maybe he hasn't mentioned it to her quiet yet because he wanted it to feel special and not be tainted, and enjoy the experience of a beginning with u with out all the drama that is likely to arise from it, he might have just wanted this new journey with u to be about u and him, and not about the two of you and everyone else... or maybe he didn't know how she would handle the news, and isnt quiet ready to deal with that part of it yet, or maybe he didnt want to hurt her... i know from experience being a baby mama and all myself, it could be some time after, even if i moved on my self, the sting that is felt when they move on to, especially that ultimate commitment with another woman... it's a confirmation that it is over, no matter if u thought u knew already and thought u accepted it... so he might be looking out for her feelings as well, which isnt a bad thing either, it goes to show u that he has a heart... and then it could be he is just an a$$... and it might be from experience if he had a girlfriend before u, and it went sour over the whole baby mama drama, and he might not be ready for that again, or not know if u are ready for it (the drama) and is worried about losing u over it and buying his self time...

  • I wouldn't worry personally. She was probably more embarrassed than you !!! Unfortunately, he has a child with this other woman & therefore he will probably hear from her from time to time in relation to that child. Don't feel threatened by her....be pleasant to her if she calls again. If you stick with this man you will need to play the role of stepmother, so be a pleasant one!!! As for him not telling his ex about you - why should he really? Its not really her business. Don't lose sleep over it....

  • ACR sometimes the two women get along so well it makes the man uncomfortable. Don't look for trouble till it knocks on the door.

  • What did he lie about? Probably his ex wife, but what you should really do is talk to him about it. Communication is key. Talking to him would be much more productive than asking strangers on the internet.

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