Cosmic Reporter: More About Mercury and Neptune Retro

  • -- This post is a reprinting of the Cosmic Reporter's blog entry from June 2nd, 2008 --

    The New Moon tomorrow (Tuesday) invites us to plant seeds and set intentions for what we want to create over the next 28 days. With the New Moon in Gemini, these intentions are likely to relate to Gemini themes: communication, social connections, travel, learning and writing. Take a few minutes to reflect on how you would like the next month to unfold, and for added power, write down your intentions and place them somewhere you will be reminded of them throughout the month.

    With the Twins’ planetary ruler, Mercury, still traveling retrograde (until June 19), our lives might be moving more slowly than we would prefer. But trust that the slowing serves a purpose. It’s likely that there’s something we need to re-think or re-do before charging ahead with our plans. Taking the time to check all the details and communicating with extra care pays off.

    The range of comments about my Memorial Day Retrograde post got me thinking more about the simultaneous retrogrades of Mercury and Neptune. Mercury in Gemini relates to our everyday thinking, communications and interactions, while Neptune in Aquarius signifies the higher collective vision. These two planets were cooperating in a 120-degree harmonious angle (called a Trine) at the time they changed directions, suggesting a theme related to how we express and act on our higher vision in our daily lives and relationships.

    This retrograde period provides an opportunity to become aware of any ways that our high ideals, spiritual truth, compassion and collective consciousness (Neptune in Aquarius) are NOT reflected in our day-to-day lives and interactions with others (Mercury in Gemini).

    What Ersin referred to in her blog comment as “oneness consciousness” is, I think, the essence of what Neptune is all about — the felt sense that we are, on some level, connected to each other, the Earth and even the galaxy. Regardless of what’s happening in the world of bad news, we can always make the decision to relate to each other from a place of compassion in our daily lives.

    I would love to hear how all of you are experiencing this retrograde period — please continue to share your comments here and in the blog.

    By the Cosmic Reporter

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