Reading request for shuabby. would be grateful if you had time

  • hi there, seen a few of your posts and they are very impressive, im still a novice and trying to find my feet so to speak! I would be very grateful if you have time to tell me what the future holds for me and a possiblea relationship reconsiliation with R,and the possibility of being bk on track is it true love as we both said or wishful thinking?? altho the sudden removal of himself from my life has been confusing and hurtful i think i did expect it in some way? Im also due to move soon - (meant to be with said ex) and have nothing sorted as yet - just dont seem to know where im heading or where i am with both my love life and home life.

    Any insight or thoughts on things would be interesting to see.

  • dob is 14th september 1978, sorry forgot to pic it on post 🙂


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