Updates on Lendulum readings - please & thanks

  • Hi guys - if anyone has any updates on the pendulum readings I did for them, I would really like to know if any of the predicated Yes or No answers come out correct. Some of the expected time frames for some of the questions may be coming around. Thanks!

  • Hey TurtleDust just saw this, how does it work?? 🙂

  • Hi - SOrrow about my typo - I meant PENDULUM READINGS.

    I did some YEs-No Pendulum readings for a few people a few weeks ago. ANd I wanted to see if anyone had gotten any results of any of the predictions.

    If you can find the posting that I did the original questions on and follow my instructions, I woul be glad to try it for you but right now I only want to answer questions that you might know the results of within a few weeks. I want to see how well this works myself and 6 months down the road, people will have forgotten about the questions they asked and I will never know how close the answers were.


  • turtledust I tried to find the answers you gave me but I couldn't locate the thread.... 😞

    sorry... can you locate it? i didn't copy the answer because I thought I could find the thread again... 😞

  • LOL sorry,,, I DID FOUND IT, and my question/answers are all in 2011 so I cannot give you any update yet...

    unless you want to answer a question I have that is in the month of November.... 🙂 lol

  • Okay - I will gladly give it a go - but please - no more questions about medical outcomes - I got really upset about one of our forum's friend's dad's passing away when I thought for sure he would be okay.


  • Hi turtledust, thanks so much, sorry I disappeared yesterday, I had to go to school and by night I was so exhausted because I'm fighting a cold...

    you know? I wont ask anything because I don't want to jinx it 🙂

    right now I'll just take it one day at a time, thanks so much anyway!

  • Okay - if anyone has a qestion about something not too serious - a yes or no question - that might get answered sometime in the next few weeks - let me know.

    Questions like - Should I study harder for the Calculus exam than I do for the English Exam?

    Will my relatives come to Thanksgiving dinner?

    Will black sheep uncle show up at Thanksgiving dinner

    Will my turkey explode in the oven?

    This actually happened to me once and I will be glad to provide the details. It should make for a good laugh for anyone having a bad day.

  • k.

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