Reading reguest for Shuabby if you have a bit of time please

  • Hi, thanks for reading my request. Saw a few of your other posts, seems you are so gifted.

    Would you mind to tell me what you think of my chances to find love with someone i know for almost two years. His initials are D.P.C, My birthdate 4th May 1962.

    Would truly appreciate any info i could get re this.

    Thank you in advance.

    Love and light.

  • Hello dvdm

    I feel right off here that you may now be thinking that this relationship is more give on your part than is fair or that you want it to be. DPC does care and feels your convenience for him is just what keeps him returning to you for this long. He feels like he walks on shakey ground meaning he is a bit unstable in work and living arrangements. You on the other hand seek everything stable and now stand at a crossroads with this relationship or soon will.

    Love may not come softly with DPC, I feel you need some time to really know what you do want in a man and that in 2011 you will have an opt with a man that is very stable and I see he loves history and travel and will have the means to do so . You will meet him in a bookclub or store it feels like to me.

    Best Wishes

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