In love with a Scorpio man... a little insight please...

  • And it ain't easy. I actually posted over in Tarot (thanks Captain for the response). He wooed me and won me... and now he appears to be running away. I'm giving him space to work it on out... but it is almost unbearable. I'm a strong woman in my 40's who's used to driving the car... it's like being a backseat driver with tape over my mouth.

    I'm a Gemini woman who's heart was not easily won.... but once I said 'yes' to love, he has all but disappeared. Anyone else been on this rollercoaster ride? I welcome any and all feedback!

    Much love,


  • Ok, I am a reader. I would be happy to give you a reading at a later time if you are interested but for now, here is my experience with a scorpio man. I'm not in a reading mood at this moment but feel free to hit me up later lol. I find that they are quite consistent being that, besides this relationship, I happen to be close friends with scorpio males and they are quite honest with me due to the fact that I am not their love interest but their best girlfriend!

    I happen to meet a scorpio man through work. We became fast friends and seemed to be soul mates and within a short amount of time we became intimate. I saw his strong emotions regarding me but his words NEVER matched his actions or my feelings about his actions. I felt I was going crazy because my intuition seemed so off. My feelings just did not match up with his words. I am Libra btw, but scorpios are scorpios and I have to tell you that in my experience I feel that the November ones are much harsher and true to form than the later october ones.

    We quickly became involved, he quickly became possessive. (typical) I have never felt so in love, so charmed, so in tune or so happy with someone as I felt with this man. Whenever it came down to commitment, he let me know that he wasn't committed but made absolute sure that I was being loyal as he was. Loyal but not committed... typical scorpio manipulation.

    So our relationship went on for about two years. He was always consistent in keeping me charmed as well as on my toes. I tell you I have never been so in love with a man til this man. At the same time, I have my standards. There were things like when the waitress said... and for your girl friend? and his response would be, she is not my girlfriend! It is not that he was at all interested in other women, it was that he is a stupid scorpio and had his own issues. After two years of this I told him, you are making me feel like a school girl who is chasing you and I can not take it anymore. I need more or I am out!

    His response was, "I am not capable of more, this is how I am, YOU deal with it!" I did not like this and was on my way. Oddly enough we still worked together so it was quite awkward. I quickly and coincidentally started seeing someone else. Being a sneaky ass super intelligent scorpio, he quickly found out. Suddenly, the idiot was all about commitment. He wanted to merge our families, merge out bills, move in together, the whole works! I spent a lot of time sooo incredibly torn between these two men and made my self very sick trying to decide between the two.

    Here is the point, I finally broke up with the new guy who really wasn't new at all at this point. It was four years later and longer than I had been with the scorpio. I did not break up with him because of the scorpio. Just typical stuff. The scorpio was in my life the whole time letting me know in his own jerkish way that as soon as I was done with this other man, he was there. When I broke up with the other one and tried to go running back to the scorpio, the scorpio suddenly knew I was vulnerable and was suddenly distant again.

    As it stands now, the scorpio did not accept me back because he could never get over the hurt I caused him. Which was to leave him because he did not want to commit. They are so tricky in how you have hurt them. This guy til this day treats me like he is my jealous husband... He wants what he can't have and takes a "moral" stance on what he can't be. Such a mess, I could go on for days, but this is my very short version of my experience with a scorpio male and I have come to the conclusion they are all the same. If I had handled my self differently I would probably have a devoted soul mate but it would have made me NOT stand my ground and that I could not take.

    I have finally realized that I could go in circles for ever with this man. The point is, they are devoted and sincere but very... uuummmm....... Not in touch with the spiritual side of life? They are all ego and worth every moment if you can handle what they have to dish out. But if not, then it is better to let go because no matter how strong the connection, they can not help themselves and will never change.

    I have still never loved anyone or have been as charmed by anyone as much I had by this scorpio, but it is such a useless battle that I truly gave up and know it was the right choice. This is just my experience but I find them all so similar. And this was really a much longer story than I was willing to tell but I hope I at least made my point which is, if you are having to compromise to get what this scorpio has to offer which you likely are, it is probably not really worth it even though it may seem like the most intense amazing relationship you will ever encounter.

    I have no doubt that he will never love another the way he loved me. I will probably never love another like him but round they go. Figure out if you can deal with it up front because it will never change.

    This is just my experience but I'm sure it is not far from yours. The key here is to figure out how much you want to take. He is probably quite sincere but not likely to change and if you truly listen to him, this is quite obvious. If you want to compromise, go for it, if not, let go!

    I was really just rambling but I hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with me. Fortunately, my rollercoaster ride has not been so harrowing. I felt your pain... and love... as I read your story. I wish some people would learn that sometimes a 'great' love will come only once in a lifetime, and to cherish and embrace it.

    I would love a reading when you're in the mood and have time. It would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you need from me. I will check back throughout the day.

    Much love,


  • Hi QoG:

    I am an Aquarius who quickly became swept with an amazing Scorpio man. We have a lot in common, and I felt an instant soul connection with him - which I know he has felt as well. But, as much as I find myself in a new space in life, wherein I want to try dating many people...I just wasn't interested in anyone but him. He, meanwhile, definitely bears the mark of a Scorpio (late October); and loves to date many women simultaneously - but truly longs for love.

    I couldn't take it. From our first date, he was attached and in love (he's younger than me, and it was easy to tell); but my circumstances (single mom) made it prohibitive to give so much so soon though that is exactly the way I was at his age too...and wanted to follow my heart sooo badly. We had to spend most time connecting on the phone, which was great, because there was room for sexy banter, longing and desire - but the kind of honesty and authenticity that I demand which he can avoid with his charming moves in person. We definitely got to know each other in a truly meaningful way...when we finally got around to our third date, something in him was scared, ambiguous, hard to read...ALOOF.

    The evening was more like that between two perfect friends, but with intense attraction and significance - not to mention of course some intimacy. But he left, rather than stay - and I had a vision come to me in my dreams that night. He was trapped in a house belonging to a maternal figure who was an ex-lover (it was very unhealthy and strange); I was struggling to help him out of this house, and release him to the love that awaited him outside. He wasn't sure he was ready to leave. I gave him a chirping cricket in a cage to keep with him while he stayed and made his decision. The number eight kept coming up (eight weeks, eight months?).

    This dream was a reflection of his attachment to his past hurt in love, and his unwillingness in his present to let go of it so that he can truly connect with a loved one. I told him about the dream, and the cricket - which is a sign of good fortune and companionship in Chinese tradition. Then I told him since he wanted things to move slowly, and I had but no choice due to my circumstances; I preferred to take the dating off the table, and get to know each other as friends and then decide where to take things. I told him how much I had come to value, respect, and sense his significance in my life - and I didn't want that to get muddied by being a Contestant in his Dating Game. He told me he completely respected my position, honesty, and had mutual feelings of value and felt we had a deep meaning in each other's lives.

    Then, in typical Scorpio fashion, he cut off contact with me only a few days later after a lovely phone call in which we shared the experience of the most gorgeous double rainbow and sunset either of us had ever seen. I was completely hurt and tortured by how his actions completely belied his words. Friends advised me to delete his number, write him off, etc. I couldn't listen to any of them - not because their advice lacked logic; but because this relationship isn't based in logic. It is based in intuition and lessons we both need to learn. I contacted him to discuss what has happened; and why things devolved between us. Turns out he was "thrown" = hurt, when I told him I wanted to begin anew as friends. Then confused by the fact that I still wanted to spend time. I told him the truth was that I was trying not to tie him down, or push my desires on him; but that the truth was that I did want to be a lover and friend to him, just not with others in the picture to think about. I may have not been entirely truthful with him, but I let him know it was the wisest course of action. Unfortunately for me, that wise course of action lead him straight into the arms of Contestant No. 2, whom he now considers his "girlfriend". I congratulated him on finding someone special - and let him know I still want to be his friend. He wants to be friends too. And, I certainly detected in him some aspect of disappointment with his choices when I revealed my truth.

    Final Analyses of Scorpio Man:

    Their actions will regularly belie their words. They will regularly distance themselves from a relationship with a woman who they love most, because the vulnerability unnerves them. They need the solitude to come back to a place of peace. They are incredibly intuitive, spiritual, and emotional beings - they simply do not share this aspect of themselves with many. If you want to be with a Scorpio Man, be prepared to love them as they are - and once they have told you they love you - as long as you feel it in your gut to be true, believe it and let that knowledge be your anchor when their actions fly in the face of reason. Be kind and gentle and authentic with your Scorpio man, be patient - make the compromises you can. You will learn and evolve from this partnership.

    "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

    — Carl Gustav Jung

  • "once they have told you they love you - as long as you feel it in your gut to be true, believe it and let that knowledge be your anchor when their actions fly in the face of reason" ~ words I take to heart.

    Thank you for sharing your story, WP... another cautionary 'scorpio' tale.

    I wish you LOVE.

    Time will tell if this is the man for me. My gut tells me he is indeed. I just need to be prepared to ride the waves into shore and hope that I'm not crushed under the weight.


  • In my limited experience (31 years, okay, not SO limited ; )), there are many lovers and soul mates for us all. Life mates require unyielding faith, compromise, a willingness to learn, and of course - a fabulous sense of humor.

    Do not let yourself be crushed under the weight of your fears - as a Gemini, you too need your space and freedom. You also have a duality in you. When he is aloof - take advantage of the space to work on being true to yourself and taking care of your own needs and dreams. That is how this can really work for you two. And remember, that duality in your Gemini Sun, depending on how much Gemini is in your chart, and the other planets/signs at work - will affect him. You will both need to ride the waves and trust the love that is there.

    I wish you all the best. Consider me a forum friend, and feel free to keep me posted!

    Tara aka Wild Places

  • Wise words for someone so 'young'... life is a series of lessons and adventures and meant to be shared. Thank you for your kindness, Tara. I appreciate the friendship!

    Jamie aka QoG

  • And I appreciate yours, Jamie!

    All the best - and keep me posted ~


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  • Hi queenofgrunge, I would be happy to give you a reading. Please post your question along with anything that I can focus on about this man (if your question is about him) like birthday or just anything that embodies him to help me focus and pick up on his energy. If you are wanting just a general for yourself, I feel I already have enough from you to pick up on.

    I have not read any of the other posts in case there is a reading on there already. I like to read cold at first for my own learning experience. So I apologize if you are needing to repeat information.

    I will keep checking back for your question.

  • the spam is obnoxious - i have been reporting it. hope everyone else is doing the same.

  • SearchingAshes... would you be willing to do a reading for me, focusing on love & relationships? I am so beyond ready for romance. If I'm not meant to be with the guy I'm (semi) with currently, is someone else out there? Let me know if you need anything else from me. My DOB is 6/17/63. Thanks so much! QoG

  • queenofgrunge, I just wanted to post real quick to let you know I am not ignoring your request. I'm sick and barely out of bed but will get back to you ASAP. Take care.

  • Oh my... hope you feel better very soon, searchingashes! Take good care...


  • Ok Miss Grunge, I have your reading here. I have to tell you I have never felt so strongly about not wanting to post a reading public. I feel as if I'm sharing all of your private business. The way I work is that I just read my cards in sequence and write them down with their meaning as it is to me and send that along with my overall interpretation.

    I bother to write out what I got from each card so that you have the opportunity to interpret for yourself being that I never have the full picture. So that being said, I would rather email you the direct reading. If you want, you can find my email in another one of my threads and email me and I will send back your reading. I didn't know when I posted my email, that it is apparently against community guidelines and don't want to be disrespectful by posting it again.... I hope that makes sense.

    As for my overall interpretation (and maybe this is just good enough), I see that this can go on with this man as long as you let it. I do not really see that he will walk away from you for long if at all. As for right now and for a while, I see that you will be doing this back and forth dance with him and it almost seems that you are not supposed to know the outcome yet. I see you clearly being lonely and missing him and then the two of you re-uniting. I see his thoughtless actions repeating themselves and you being stuck in a circular motion. I ended up on a card that had a meaning almost the same as the beginning card which is basically that he will be thoughtless and make you think twice about seeing him again.

    I do see that there will be other opportunities for romance for you and it looks like at one point in the near future you will act on it and move forward with a different partner. Then I see this old love/nostalgia coming back up yet again. I feel very strongly that it is up to you. I think you can have this man if you want him. I also think you are being held where you are for some purpose right now and your work or lessons are not yet complete with this man. This will all be released as soon as you are able to let go of something and move forward within yourself.

    You are or will soon be prompted towards a major transformation and negativity and problems become a thing of the past. I kind of see this twice. As if it is up to you to take it or not and if you do not, then you can be stuck in this pattern for as long as you allow. As soon as you "take" it peace will be restored and you will know the universe was ultimately working in your favor the whole time.

    Despite all of the negativity I get that you are feeling in the romance department, I do see things being quite positive in the work force. I also see the negativity ending and you really having the opportunity to end up were you want to be. So please see the positive message as well as having to acknowledge the things in between. I see that you definitely have the ability to attract romance when you truly are willing to let go and accept it. The problem is that I see you going back and forth with the times you are willing to accept it.

    I have to tell you, based on what I wrote to you earlier about my experience, if I were you and received this reading from me, I would think I was projecting. I am truly not, I promise. lol All I do is read my cards. As I read them I felt that the situations was very similar in the sense that it is probably you who keeps walking away because you are frustrated with this man and not that that he is frustrated with you. He will continue on this way for as long as you care to carry on with him. I feel very strongly that as it stands right now, you can have it any way you want it as long as you are honest with yourself about what you want.

    Like I said, I would like you to see the messages as they progress from card to card to help you better understand. Feel free to send me a message and I will send the reading as I wrote it, back to you. I hope this helps. This is a little more typical vague "it's all up to you" reading than I like to give. I apologize because that is truly how it came across. At the same time, as much as I hate those answers because they do not always help when we are seeking, I do always find it to be the truth as well. So please keep all of that in mind. 🙂

    Take care

  • SearchingAshes:

    You seem to be an amazingly attuned reader. I wonder, can you read for yourself? I struggle with reading for myself - while for others clarity and accuracy is no problem.

    If you have the same issue - would you like to trade readings? I have a relationship issue I am incredibly compelled to know the outcome about - at least the most likely one. When I read the cards, there is an aspect of seeing the future, because I have the gift of clairaudience as well as an understanding of the cards.

    Let me know - I'd love some objectivity and clarity regarding my own love life.


    Wild Places!

  • Ah... the mysteries of LOVE. If only it were more simple. I can't help but think that it CAN be if we allow it to be and walk away from situations that are complicated. Life is too short to be on an unending rollercoaster ride!

    SearchingAshes... thank you for the reading and taking the time to write it all out for me. I don't feel you're projecting at all. Sometimes people share strangely similar experiences. You have been through a lot as well. I keep reminding myself that 'the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing, expecting different results'. I read this between the lines in your reading results as well. Time for me to get off the rollercoaster. I had a very 'unclear' conversation with him last night when asking him for clarity about where we stand. He really doesn't know and can't make a solid commitment which is what I want and need.

    I looked for your e-mail on your other threads and couldn't find it. Could you point me in the right direction? I'd love to read the full 'report'.

    Thank you again... best to you today!



    About the 6th post...

    Sorry to be stupid. I don't really know if it matters. If I don't hear from you, I will just come back and post it again. If I get kicked off for trying to do the right thing, so be it. 😉

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