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  • can i ask a quick question please, its for a lady at work for her son. her son nathan is finishing uni in a weeks time and has been since he got his teaching number has been doing some causal work but she was wondering if hed get an actual teaching position as a few from his class have already gained positions.

    Nathan Charles Wolter DOB 19/09/1986

    Will he get a teaching job in 2011 ?

    Many thanks in advance for your time and effort in undertaking this request

    Em 🙂

  • Hello, Superstarem,

    Nathan will must postively get a teaching postion in 2011. He will be working in a full time position by Feb. I feel it is in a rather large bld. I had to take notice of the nines in his birthdate

    the number nine means beginnings and endings which in my opinion he may travel during his lifetime to many positions. The number nine in angel numbers means:"Your devine life purpose involves giving of service through your natural talents, passion, and interests.

  • hi shuabby,

    many thanks for the reading, ive passed it onto roz (nathans mum) and she was very greatful for your time, its kind of eased her mind a little now.

    Em 🙂

  • hi shuabby,

    just an update for you. my work college roz's son nathan that i asked about got a permanent full time position teaching i and starts end of January ready for first classes in feb. so a great results, both are over the moon.

    many thanks for your help

    Emma 🙂

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