Ms Sunny, Help me to understand this Virgo guy!

  • I have been dating this Virgo guy (B. 09/08/74) for almost 3 months, we met online and everything was perfect, he introduce me to his family and friends, we used to go out and see each other almost everyday even if I wasn't sure to have a serious relationship at the beginning I gave myself a chance and also because I saw him looking for the same but then suddenly he stop to call me and to look for me, so I sent him an email telling him that I didn't expect that reaction from him bc after all I though we were friends and I think this made him think. After one week he started to look for me again. This time I was more cautious about him, I was afraid he wanted just **** so I saw him a couple of times just to talk and one day he told me that he loved me BUT that he didn't want a relationship at the moment (he was engaged before and his ex cheated on him so he was kind of afraid) then he said, I'm sorry, I don't know, I'm so confused is better if I go home. I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to tell him and he left, then he started to look for me again, he visited me several times, some of them we had **** some of them no.. just talked, but he never mentioned the "L" word again, neither did I, he just said.. i like you so much, you drive me crazy and stuff like that, me? I can't say anything, bc I'm afraid I can lose him if I say that I really love him and that I really want a relationship with him. This is the first Virgo I ever met and I don't know how to behave bc I know he already told me he doesn't want a relationship and I'm afraid if I say all what I feel he can run away from me. By the way I am a Leo (S. 08/17/78). It is better be honest to him and tell him all what I feel or just wait until he realize what he feels toward me and wait for him to make the first step?

    Hope you can help me with this!

    Thxs a lot!!!

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