How do you interpret two cards?

  • I was shuffling my deck asking about what would happen with a friend of mine, and two cards fell out while I was shuffling. The Princess of Cups and The High Priestess.

    I put them back in the deck, kept shuffling, and both cards turned up in my spread! I think maybe I was just supposed to have those two cards, but what do they mean together?

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  • Well I just bought the book that goes with my deck (the Celestial Tarot - I'm kind of still learning Tarot) and it has the Lunar Cycle spread. I never heard of it so I tried it... I'll write the descriptions just in case you haven't heard of it either lol

    1. New Moon represents the seeds of the cycle, what is about to be projected forward, and the atmosphere at the beginning of the new venture. The card may indicate an unconscious agenda, a new plan, or what lies in friend of the individual. An appropriate question to explore might be, "What seeds have been sown which I must nurture?" or "What has been set into motion?"

    Card: Princess of Cups

    2. Crescent Phase is the time for disentangling from the past and engaging in hard work to overcome past agendas that no longer support. This card denotes a breaking away from what is outmoded. It is important to consider which direction the instincts are urging the individual and what blocks that course.

    Card: King of Pentacles

    3. First Quarter is a phase of instinctual action. It is important to act on what feels right and not try to rationalize or legitimize your actions. The card will be helpful in contemplating what needs to happen and encouraging the individual to move forward. At this stage in the cycle, the individual may not be aware of his/her destination, yet it is necessary to act on hunches. Discuss the risks involved.

    Card: The High Priestess

    4. Gibbous Phase is the time in the cycle to prepare. It signifies approaching the goalpost, where the individual is close to accomplishing his/her objectives, but needs to plan. analyze, and evaluate the process to ensure the best results. This is the grooming stage. Ask "what needs to be improved, better organized, and set up?"

    Card: The World

    5. Full Moon represents more objectivity about what is taking place, greater awareness of the process, and a clearer picture of the individual's goals and objectives. As the cycle is coming to fruition, it is important for the individual to bear in mind what he/she is trying to accomplish, what needs to be completed, and what is most likely to be fulfilling. This card represents the rewards of the process.

    Card: Four of Pentacles

    6. Dissemination Phase suggests the distribution of creativity and productivity. This is the phase of spreading and publishing what has been accomplished. Therefore, this card offers images of what can be shared, sold, taught and published. It suggests both what needs to be creatively expressed and how to circulate the work done to date. It is time to interact.

    Card: The Fool

    7. Last Quarter is a critical time in the cycle as it evokes the need for reflection. Now is the time to review and reorganize. Think about what needs to be changed, what revisions and edits can be made, what has been created, and what can be improved. This is the period where consciousness needs to be focused on what can be enhanced, as developments are shifting or coming to an end. This suggests the beginning of winding down a project and a time of re-visioning new ones.

    Card: King of Wands

    8. Balsamic Phase is the ending of this particular cycle. As an ending, it symbolizes relinquishing attachments to make way for the future. The individual needs to create space for new projects, ideas, and relationships. it is a time that brings release, yet also promise of new possibilities and endeavors. This is the threshold between the past and the future. Reflect on what can be released to make space for new phases of life.

    Card: The Hanged Man

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  • When I began reading cards, I relied heavily on different books and web sites to help me understand their conventional meanings as well as traditions based upon the history of Tarot and what has worked for readers I respected. One idea that made a lot of sense to me, was to study my deck first, in a free association manner. Each day, I worked on 3-5 Major Arcana, and their correlating suit cards. Looking at the imagery, I first purged key words, responses, and emotions I had connected to the card. Then, taking my comprehension of the Kabbalah, History, Colors, etcetera - I threw out on the paper my intellectual interpretations. As a student, I wanted validation - so I checked my free associations based upon various sources for card meanings I had come to trust. I found that there were some similarities, and some differences.

    Upon completing this task with all 78 cards - in the end, I knew my deck like the back of the hand, as well as had the conventional wisdom and knowledge - and my own gut reactions to each card. I highly advise this method of getting to know your cards - it can take time, and you may encounter self doubt; but trust your gut, and always be in an open, mindful state when you read the cards.

    Now that I have been doing this for a while, those meanings are in the depths of my subconscious - and while there is a theme - they in now way dictate what I am receiving from the Source. I have my own traditions for cleansing my cards, connecting with the Querent and confirming that The Source has reflected the answer in the cards. Even my spreads are unique and intuitive to the client - no two have been alike since I dropped the books, since while some questions may be similar - no two situations have the exact same variables.

    I feel the Tarot as well as spiritual readings and a deep desire to connect are such a worthwhile endeavor. It takes as much time as you want it to - the sooner you trust your inner voice of intuition, the sooner it all comes into play.

    It is significant when two cards jump out of the deck. Your first gut feeling on what aspect of your Lunar Cycle Spread they were answering is the right one. Watergirl18 has a wise interpretation on the cards being about you and your approach to your own divinity.

    Congrats to embarking on this journey - only good things await you.

    Wild Places

  • thanks guys 🙂

    so you dont think it has to do with what i was asking about my guy friend? i was just asking if anything was going to happen..

  • trust your gut - if it's too late to hear; do it again, and listen.

    maybe try the technique i shared with you or explore some others as you are learning. something will click for you - and when these things happen, you will know the significance.

    all the best,

    Wild Places

  • Sorry to bump an old thread! but I have one more question!!! :X

    Ok, so I've used my cards a few times since I've posted this, and today I noticed both cards were together still, both the last two cards on the bottom of my deck. So I shuffle... and shuffle.... and again I'm asking about my friend, and I shuffle.... and shuffle...... so I stop, pick 3 cards (Past/Present/Future spread)

    I pick:

    1. High Priestess

    2. Princess of Cups

    3. 7 of Pentacles

    What does that mean!! How are they still together, and go from the very bottom of the deck, to the top two cards! So strange!

  • this guy friend you speak of is a friendship, and not of lovers. you and he are too shy to take the first step. this is a spiritual connection.


  • Reframe your question and/or try a one card spread. See what happens.

  • It is quite curious when the same cards jump out so often. It's definitely relevant to the relationship; but only you can know the meaning. IMHO.

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