Captain Your Advice Needed

  • My husband works in a lab most of the day as he is an engineer. This last month his boss Claudio has been coming into the lab and overseeing and pushing my husband to correct parts that are defective. My husband did not create the part so needs time to correct it. Claudio tells him it has to be done in a week, when in reality my husband needs a month to research and correct. My husband tells me that John is his supervisor but works from home three days a week. Now Aiman is being told by Claudio to also finish John's work. My husband is exhusted when he comes home to the point of not being able to carry on a good conversation, due to falling over asleep in the chair. What is your advice where Claudio is concerned?

    Thank you for your time and effort on my husband behalf.

  • Are other workers in the lab also being pushed or just your husband?

  • Hello Captain,

    I ask my husband this question, and his answer: He pushes me , but also pushes Bashara whom is Aiman fellow co-worker but Bashara supervisor is Carl. Claudio is the CEO of the company, and I'm wondering if something is coming in the way of changes and Claudio is afraid of losing his job?My husband is the man that is being unloaded on the most.. Aiman says that Claudio is a nice guy and does not speak to him in a condensending way with these requests, he is just pushing in unreasonable ways.

  • This situation cannot continue as it is. No job is worth a nervous breakdown or loss of health. Your husband needs to make a firm but polite stand and set Claudio straight about how involved the work is and tell him that it can't be rushed if he wants a good product. he could say that he can rush it if Claudio wants a shoddy job. Even if Claudio threatens to replace your husband, anything is better than the current situation. Yes, I do believe Claudio is feeling pressured to perform and produce.

  • Hello Captain,

    Thank you for you input and I could not agree with you more as what you wrote is the mirror of my own thoughts. My husband has been looking for another job since Feb of this year. He had one in person interview last week in TX. This company was found for my husband by a headhunter and Aiman felt the the interview went well. Four days later the headhunter called and said that he was told that the company wanted to keep looking, which was a shock as this company is expanding and hiring. Aiman will of course like a warrior will keep looking.

    Have a good day and if you have a question at any time, please feel free to ask me.

  • Meanwhile he puts up with bad treatment from his current boss? This situation is designed to test whether your husband prizes self-esteem and his own health over material security. He must speak up or his self-belief and self-worth will continue to be battered and so he will come across in job interviews as lacking and unsure about himself. Every day that he puts up with bad treatment means a day when he values himself less. And so it will go until he has nothing left at all.

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