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  • hey im dating this guy and hes exactly like me. he's doing everything ive done for my first love he even once cried on the phone saying out of all the girls he dated that this one feels most right and he'd do anything to stay with me no matter what that he's deepy in love (doesnt surprise me he's always had strong feelings for me). and for once i heard truth in a guys voice when saying that. He spoils me not that i ask for it and just shows me so much affection and we NEVER argue. but i feel like hes a challenge because ive met MY match! i want to knowwhat should i do to show him i really do love him the same he loves me? Im getting married to him in 2012 we've always caed about each other in this sense i also want to know how will our parents feel when we tell them?

  • xxmiinahxx, it's wonderful that you are so in love. Just remember not to take anything for granted and be sure to communicate. It's clear that you are already very much in tune to him, but if you want to do something for him, cooking something always works (it's true about the cliche that a way to a guy's heart...). You could write him a poem--even if you don't think it's great, it's the sentiment that will make him melt. Or if you like art, a painting of you both.

    If you can tell me your birth dates, I can tell you more about your compatibility. Also, your parent's reaction will probably have at least something to do with you and your fiance's ages. Of course you should follow your intuition in the relationship, but your parents' opinions are definitely worth considering--they've been around awhile. I'm sure they'll tell you to be careful about rushing into anything (which is good advice). Also, how long have you been together?

    If your parents are as happy as you, congratulations. If not, explain to them why you're in love. This will help YOU also. Tell them his abilities and what you admire about him. Finally, it is a very good sign that you and he have a lot in common. Again, I can tell you more with your exact birth dates. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • my name is Eva Rosa Rivera, birthday: April 10th, 1994

    His name is Seung Kwan Jung, birthday: March 5, 1994

    We have been together for 2 years without arguement thank god. >w< and your right im going to paint the two of us since thats my talent my culinary skills are bad xD but ill learn to cook then in that case. He made songs for me so I should write lyrics aain and make a song together

  • Painting sounds like a great idea!

    As for your compatibility, I can see that you both are intensely loyal and committed, which is a good thing. You are also both passionate about causes and share similar interests. You are both very romantic, but in different ways. He is more sensitive, and you help him feel secure, while you feel he understands you better than anyone else. You are both honest and idealists. (The only things I'd say to remember is that it's important to stay positive).

    Miinah, I just want to tell you, while the two of you are very compatible, be careful about rushing into marriage. It's wonderful that you've been together two years, but you both are only sixteen now. You have years and years ahead of you. Only you know the most about your relationship, but it's important to at least consider this. I would advise you to wait a little while on telling your parents--you don't want to agitate them unnecessarily, even if you're bursting to tell the good news. (I'm not sure what your parents are like, but you don't want them to forbid you to see him or anything like that.) Wait a week or two and think this over. And finally, while considering others' opinions will help, if you know in your heart that you're in love and are prepared for the commitment, then your heart is what you should listen to in the end. Best wishes!

  • so far your the most legit person on this site =D and pin pointed alot of things thank you very much and we was guna tell then by next year lol i know my mom she says if i really love some one to go for it but im more concerned abou his mom. they are on very bad terms as of now. But thank you again June i will look for your guidence more later on :]

  • You're very welcome, Miinah!

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