Captain,im having major problems with someone at work

  • captain there is another scorpio male at work with whom im having major problems with.managers have been notified,so has the supervisor.i see this person as immature,but capable of igniting my temper and getting me fired.can you tell me what my options are here?should i start looking for another job,or is there a way to deal with this menace??

    id greatly appreciate any help.

  • If you see this person as immature and capable of losing you your job, why then do you allow him to ignite your temper? Why not just ignore him and let him trip over his own nasty mouth and behaviour? Aren't you going to be the mature one, then?

  • Hi Sterilite, Does he have friends there the same as him. If it's just him, you may want to ignore him. If you feel he has some sort of sway there and conditions are tremendous, I would encourage you to look for something else. Just don't have a clear idea as to how bad it is. I've dealt with the same and usually the other is acting on insecurity. Do you like this job or is it just a job.

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