Need an ugent reading.. if someone can help out by tonight will be great

  • Hi,

    can someone give me a reading to see if there will be a chance for this guy to show up tomorrow ( Oct 28) at a party. Im desperate in seeing him and need to talk to him and clear things up. Its been couple months that i havent see this guy only chatting online.

    so if someone can help me out and give me a little insight of what are the chance for us to see eachother tomorrow.


    really hope somoone can reply

  • Yes, he will be there, BUT he is there for a party and this is not the time to bring up any personal issues you have with him.

  • im asking because when i asked him he is not too certain if he will be there

  • I really don't mean to hurt your feelings okay? You need to stop contacting him, give him some space. IF he doesn't show up it's because he fears confrontation with you. I get the feeling that he isn't sure what or who he wants in his life right now. I don't want you to get hurt anymore than you are punishing yourself. Go to the party and have fun, meet new guys, he may not be the one for you.

  • oh nono your not hurting my feeling at all. I gues i just want to see him one more time ( i guess that is just me)

    I know i need to let go

  • But that is the problem, you will always want to just see him "one more time". Once you put him out of your mind and move on you will be open to finding someone who wants you as much as you want him.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  • yeah i do hear you on that one!!

    thanks for the luck i need it

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