Taurus male - unevolved

  • Just curious to see what are unevolved Taurus males like. I'm currently involved with one that is 28 yrs of age and he shows ALOT of signs of being a controlling bf. I'm just wanting to differentiate between unevolved Taurus and controlling boyfriend. Thanks!

  • Dear Scorp72,

    You have hit the nail on the head honey with a controlling BF. All Taurus people that have been in my life are ones that have to have control and are very hard headed (stubborn) . I don't want to leave an all out negative punch to Tauras. When they love , they really are there for you and will be very devoted to you, but you better be able to give what you receive or it will be worst than fighting the Champ that could sting like a bee.

    You are a Scorpion and a Taurus would really be a challange to you and your senses. It depends on the other houses at birth also as to the whole of the personality. Taurus is romantic and giving , loves to travel and likes life luxeries. You have this information to think over before you leap into your total opposite love affair.

  • Shaubby - LOL!! That's us Scorpios with hitting the nail on the head! hahaha I've posted a different thread asking for your help, please.

  • I find Taurus and earth sign people kinda possessive, specially Taurus..

  • Taurus males are very stubborn & very self centered (I live with two of them) but you can have a wonderful relationship with them Just remember to not lose yourself in their every whim (they like everything done their way) but when they love you they really love you!!!!

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