Reaching to gypsydreams

  • Hi gypsydreams, I love someone very much and with all and all we have been in touch for 2.5 yrs now... it's hard for me to be far away from him but he asked for it so he can dedicate to his career... and he didn't want a commitment.

    I'm also in school... hopefully graduating by the beginning of next year.

    Does he loves me? and can we be together (marriage, family etc) in the future?


    will I find a job next year that allows me to be close to where he lives?

    so we can have a relationship and start moving forward?

    what info do you need from us? my DOB is 5/19/78 my initial L his DOB is 10/16/73 his initial J

    Thanks very much...

  • Dear HappyDoc, I feel you and him are on different stages in your lives.

    He cares about you a great deal but I don't feel it's "love" in the romantic sense. He is on a material journey in this lifetime... he wont be settling down for a long time. Love, social life and all matters emotional comes second to him.. his main priority is money... which is a little sad but that is his path and his choice and his lesson to learn.

    You however are in a more spiritual path and want to have love, family and warmth and you will be on your way to getting these things as soon as you let go of this man.

    When you are ready which I feel if it's not now it will be very soon, you will let go and move on.

    Blessings to you xoxox

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