Help with an Aquarius Woman

  • Ive been talking and seeing this woman for the past two and a half months now. Things were going fine and it seemed like our relationship was moving forward. then all of a sudden she started ignoring me. so my first instinct was to run. however, i care alot for this person so i decided to communicate with her on how I was viewing things. she communicated back and it seemed like things were going to get better. In fact they just got worse. There is alot going on in her life and she doesnt see herself as someone that is good for me. she claims that she will just bring me down and is burden to have in their lives. I on the other hand think otherwise. I want to keep her in my life but i dont know how.

    Every attempt I make to make things better seems like it just makes things worse. Im an aries btw. Now i think my new course of action is to completely just ignore her and see what she does, just give her space. I dont want to lose her but it feels like the more i push the more losing her becomes reality.

    Anyone out there have an experience with an Aquarius female that can shed some light or some advice on my situation. Or any Aquarius females that can help out on how to approach on what I think it a true Aquarius female attitude. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I really care for her and I want her to be in my life.

    Thank you in advance.

  • What are your birthdates?

  • I am an Aquarius female, and have had some similar issues in terms of feeling like I can be burdensome or have too many internal demons to bring to the table. It has a lot to do with my past; but as I've begun to learn recently, it has a TON to do with my astrological birth chart!

    Sun signs are simply one aspect of the picture - and they rarely are the most relevant to our questions regarding our selves and others, as they are the most obvious.

    Her birth date at least could help me shed some light on what's at play here. Sounds like the Captain's on it though - and the Captain is quite wise.

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  • my bday is the 27th of march 1984 and hers is jan 25th 1988.

  • i have no idea if this is the case but as an aquarius with an interesting chart and past of my own i will say i usually push people away the most when i deep down want and need them the most...

    ( i just half jokingly said this to someone who kinda hits on me actually) that they deserved better

    however i' would also caution that if she is being indifferent then it could mean her interest isn't' the same as yours.

    Again not to imply anything but what i bring from my own chart

  • have you tried to get a cosmic profile on her? that way, you can see where her planets are, and in what houses - this makes a huge impact on who we are.

    i agree with the last poster about the pushing people away who we feel we want/need the most. i don't think it's necessarily an aquarian thing; but has more to do with life circumstances...then again...?

    i'm sure the Captain will be able to help you out now that the birthdates are here.

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  • Imthedjone, this relationship is good for a love affair and friendship but worst for marriage. It's bound to be scintillating and colorful, emphasizing the spiritual plane above all else. It can be hard to understand, perhaps suggesting a past-life connection here, and undoubtedly confusing you both. To feel fully comfortable in this relationship, both of you would need to show a maturity that is unusual for you. You two can have a very destabilizing effect on each other that does not bode well for you either as co-workers or marriage partners. Both of you value your independence highly and are unlikely to want to give it up for the sake of your relationship with each other. Both free spirits, you two will certainly admire each other, and your mutual attraction may well lead to an intense but short-lived love affair, involving the physical, the mental and the intuitive planes. The relationship will tap and stir each person's emotional depths to an unaccustomed degree.

    Friendship can work out much better with mutual understanding and sharing. Neither of you will have much patience for the other's moods however, or much interest in helping the other out of the doldrums - you really are fair-weather friends. Should one person prove too needy, perhaps falling into a depression after the loss of a job or the breakup of a love affair or marriage, the other person may be unwilling to take on the responsibility of dealing with such pain and suffering.

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