Hans Wolfgang :-)

  • Happy Autumn, Hans Wolfgang. I hope the season finds you well and happy.

    Some months ago, we had a short interaction about a coworker of mine. You had told me he was definitely interested, but for many reasons it wasn't happening, mostly that he had many to "impress". You had also told me my work life was about to open and progress, to just go with the flow and things would move at work.

    Things did indeed move with proper application and flow, and lo and behold, I was given a job with more responsibility, more fun (!).. and guess it, I know you can... I am now working side by side with my twinkly eyed friend every day. I'm not sure how long this work assignment will last, but I already fear losing it AND my new friend. I am getting much better at going with the flow and living gratitude, yet I am clinging hard to this one because I am attached.

    And so, I come back to you. What's the deal with my buddy? Fellow Virgo, around 28 years old, tall, skinny, floppy brown hair and glasses. Big grin, belly laugh. Does he actually appreciate what's going on between us now that we know each other better, or is it just the same old blues song?

    Thank you for all you do. Namaste.

  • WantingQuietude,

    namaste, autumn finds me well and happy like an orange leaf tumbling down of the tree,

    What's the deal with my buddy? He pretends to be poor.

    Does he actually appreciate what's going on between us now that we know each other better: No.

    or is it just the same old blues song? no.

    The only consistency in you is your inconsistency. You always contradict yourself.

    So a person has a right to change…

    And already there has been a love affair between you and him, and it has always been there. But I go with Victor Hugo in saying that you have the right to say what you feel, and he must have the right to say what he feels – even when you have mutual love…

  • Autumn is my favorite time of the year for those tumbling leaves and all the smells and the chill. I spent a wonderful autumn in Germany about ten years ago in Hesse visiting my teacher. This season just vibrates for me.

    And... I thought I was making progress. Sheesh. I am one of the most predictable people I know, I won't even adventure on a menu in a restaurant. But I'm inconsistent? I don't know how to take that... and contradiction?

    I contradict myself in love? Probably. Life? I fear being hurt and so... I try to just love and let go of judging and labels. Someone once told me that, to surrender and let go.

    Funny you mention Victor Hugo. We have a joke about Jean Valjean. 😉

    It's good to talk with you again. Much love!

  • WantingQuietude,

    But I'm inconsistent? No.

    I don't know how to take that... and contradiction? Yes, but do suppress all your contradictions and inconsistencies. So you are flowing like an old contaminated river. Existence consists of polarities, life is paradox. If you are consistent, then you must have suppressed the other part inside of you. So all these tensions are inside you, wanting to come out. So accept all your contradictions, discover them, like them, understand them, and you will find the quietude, you are wanting that much.

    Much love!

    And there are only two

    ways in the world: one is to go away from yourself, one

    is to come to yourself. To go away, there are a

    thousand by-paths. Somebody may go away through money,

    somebody may go through power, somebody may go through

    s-ex, somebody may go through alcohol, drugs -- a

    thousand paths, by-paths. But they basically belong to

    one direction -- going without, going withoutwards,

    going outside. Going farther and farther away from the

    center towards the periphery. And that periphery exists


    So you go on and on and on -- more and more

    discontent, more and more dissatisfaction, more and

    more anguish. The ultimate result is madness. If the

    West goes to its logical conclusion, the whole Western

    society is going to be mad. If this outgoing mind is

    stretched to its very extreme, then only madness can

    happen, nothing else. The ultimate result is madness.

    The other journey is inwards. Come back home, move

    inwards. As you start moving inwards, more silence,

    more tranquility, more equanimity, more equilibrium,

    more centeredness, more groundedness -- they start

    happening on their own accord. The day you have arrived

    home, suddenly there is joy.

  • correction: Yes, but YOU do suppress all your contradictions and inconsistencies.

  • Hi Hans, I'm back bugging you 🙂 I started a thread just to chat a bit... I hope it's ok, thanks in advance. L.


  • HAPPYDoc,

    selfishness is a motivated action: you want something

    for yourself. Unselfishness is again motivated: you

    want something for the other, and through the other,

    deep down, you want something for yourself; via the

    other the same motive moves. Real selfishness remains

    the same, the form differs.

  • Happy All Hallows Eve, Hans Wolfgang.

    I appreciate the clarification... and all those ten thousand things which make up my contradictions, I still don't accept.. and I still call them my shame. You're right. Without embracing them, I'll never find peace.

    And yes, this fits with Victor Hugo as well, because I hide it, from myself probably more than anyone. He's a wise one too, even today he was with me a good deal of the day as if he knew I was dealing with something.

    And I still wonder why I seek it out there... at least I am not the only one.

    Opposites fold in upon themselves always, and in the end there is only coming home.

    Bear with me, I'll get there in a thousand years or so. Or maybe next breath.


  • WantingQuietude,

    even when you are making a sound

    with two hands clapping the energy is one. Your left

    hand and your right hand are not two, they are joined

    in you. They are not opposites, they are complementary,

    they belong to one being.

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