• This man is very insecure... he has some deep issues which he hasn't dealt with an most probably wont deal with any time soon.

    He has gone through some hard times in the past in regards to love and is finding it hard to trust so he prefers to just have casual flings that wont develop into anything serious.

    He values you and knows you are a good person hence why he is breaking away. He doesn't want to be with you in a casual sense because he thinks you deserve better, and you do!


    Hope this helped clear a little of the situation. xoxo

  • Hi gypsydreams

    sorry to budge in

    just wanting to tell you that you are right when you said

    "Leoscorpion, you are rather good at Tarot already. Am I correct? You say you can't wait to learn but I feel you have a natural connection with Tarot and are rather good at it already."

    I didn't know this at first, but yesterday I just got my first set of cards

    apparently holding them in my hands and cards online are different

    I did a reading for myself and a few for hubby without knowing his questions

    and I did right

    so I guess you are right I do have a natural connection with cards

    thanks again and i hope you are doing well

  • Awesome stuff Leo!!! and yes, holding a deck of cards in your hands as opposed to doing a compute rated reading is SO different! I am excited for you. 🙂

  • thanks for the encouragement

    I'll be getting the books soon and study them after holidays

    if I have any question I'll try find you here if you are still posting

    I hope you and family enjoy the holidays !

  • How is the studying going, Leo? Hope you are having a good start to the New Year. 🙂

  • haven't got the books yet

    I also ordered a book of different subject late November and it's not here either

    I got my money back for this book, but the Tarot books I have to give it benefit of doubt because Mercury retro last month might have messed things up

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