Help Me Help My Daughter

  • Hi There,

    I am writing in, looking for some assistance; and hopefully peace of mind. If not peace of mind, then please let me know what action I can take.

    For a little less than a year now, my daughter (she's just over 2y.o. now) has been "talking" to "the guy". He seems to follow she and I around, rather than simply be a spirit trapped in a location. When I've asked her about him, as she's been able to give more details - she tells me he's "Old, Pink Guy". I have no idea what this means; but I do know that while most times she's neutral on the Old Guy - she sometimes is very, very clear that she wants to be left alone. It's as though his presence is menacing at times; and I wish I could ask him to leave...I trust that he's real.

    When she first started talking (mostly still baby-talk) with the "Guy", it was before I knew she saw a male figure; but I felt a male presence - and it creeped me out. My ex thought I was ridiculous for being spooked; but he's incredibly cynical of all things that can not be scientifically proven. I have always believed that children, particularly young ones - are incredibly intuitive if not naturally gifted with psychic abilities that will either stay on if supported, or vanish over time if disdained.

    My daughter's birthdate is 7/13/08 3:15pm PST. She is a Cancer - perhaps one of the most intuitive and emotional signs to begin with.

    Please help me help her understand who this is and how she can deal with him.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Wild Places

  • Your daughter is gifted! she is a born Psychic and very sensitive to energy and vibrations.

    I would suggest you buy some Sage, burn it all around the house and ask this "guy" to leave. He will leave when you do this. Burn some sage for a whole week, in each room of this house.

    You can buy the herb in a batch or buy incense sticks and put one in each room... I prefer to burn the batched sage and walk around the house letting the smoke engulf the whole house.

    Blessings xox

  • Thank you for the suggestion gypsydreams - but he isn't only in the house...he's a cling-on if you will...i'm not sure if he's a spirit guide or what. most of the time, he seems to be benevolent - there are just times she doesn't want to see him.

    Are you getting an actual reading on him?

  • The Sage will cleanse and stabilise the energies and vibrations in the home this is where this spirit lived before it died. It's being there since before your house was built.

    He appears to your daughter because she is sensitive and can see him, many spirits appear to children. I have heard this happen so many times.

    Once you tell it to leave you and your daughter alone it will stop appearing and following you around.

  • Who is he? Is he kind? If he's not bothersome, I will not ask him to leave. Besides, what kind of spirit follows people interstate?

    Sorry for my skepticism, I'm just really wanting more details.

  • Hello Wildplaces,

    When your daughter says Pink Guy I;m wondering if he was a burn victum. Spirit will attach to children as they can see them and hear them. You really need to contact a medium that can speak with this enity and find out what has happened to him and why he is following you and your daughter around. He needs help crossing over, as he may be stuck. I'm no expert but I have read Sylvia Brown books and from that information, I would say that you need a good medium to help you. Sage is good to burn and asking the enity to leave your daughter alone will help also, but I do believe that you need to take it a step further and contact a medium . Please let us know how this situation is resloved.

  • I'm thinking I need a medium as well. Do you know of any on the forums?

    Thank you so much for your input and advice.

  • "If he's not bothersome, I will not ask him to leave"

    We have different views on spirits and the spirit world... sorry i can't not help you any further.

    If you do find a medium make sure they don't rip you off. 😉

  • Hi - WIlddreams - do you have any history on the house you live in? Also, does your daughter report any smells when "Pink Guy" is around. I recently attended a group class with a well know person here in N.Calif and one of the things I took away was that smell is one of the easiest ways for those who have "passed on" to communicate. I only got to speak to him briefly about smelling my grandfather's cigars on certain occassions, to clarify that I was not

    having olfactory hallucinations. But a couple of his neighbors used to report smelling his cigars also. He died in the house he built and worked on all his life. When some investros bought it with the intention of flipping it - they got only a little work done before they resold it. The rumor was that the workers kept smelling cigars and hearing footsteps in the house.

    It's been bought and resold several times now in 25 yrs - I am guessing grandpa let the house alone and decided he had better things to do since I have been smelling his cigars 🙂 -

    I wonder if you had a tape recorder if you could tape some of the conversations she has while talking to "Pink Guy".

  • Hello WildPlaces,

    Not on forums ,as this is the only one that I know of at this time. I will recommend a woman to you Her name is Virginia and you can log on to and search for The Spirit Whisperer. Her prices are going up and down lately , she is very experienced as you will learn reading her information. Also, you can go on the web and type in The Spirit Whisperer and it will bring up her information and you may get to her faster through this website, as you can make an appoinment for a consult through this website. Please keep us informed.

  • Turtledust - your story about scents is fascinating - I sometimes get a whiff of my Da's favorite pipe tobacco, seemingly out of the blue. I always liked to think it was a gentle reminder from him that he is still with me.

    Shuabby, I completely appreciate all of your time and suggestions - I hope I didn't come off ungrateful earlier - I have been edgy all day for a completely different reason. Thank you for your recommendation - I will check out her site.

    If anyone else has any input, I'd greatly appreciate it. Best to you all,

    Wild Places

  • WildPlaces,

    Reading this brings back memories! My daughter, also a Cancer has always had stories like these. She is 9 now (6/30/01) and has even stated that she has a whole different family that she has to go visit.

    Now, me and dad have played along with her and her stories, never discouraging her, but really never knowing who/what she is talking to or if her mind is just extremely overactive.

  • aqua -

    it's hard to know; but my gut tells me this is not the work of an overactive imagination. i also think this spirit is harmless (i just kinda want in on the secret). and of course, if he is making her seriously uncomfortable, or is trying to get a message across - i want to know. maybe i'm not supposed to...

    thanks for sharing your story - yes, cancers have the gift of divinity - i have a cancer moon with an aquarian sun, too.

  • Hi Wildplaces, You might ask your daughter when your out in public if she sees someone who looks like the pink guy. Maybe he's wearing pink. Ask her what he's doing. I've never experienced this but think it's very interesting. Would like to hear more about what happens or what you find out.

  • will do...though now i'm starting to get my own sense that it is my Da! I just had a call with my mom to confirm some details about him - without telling her why, and a day that stands out very strongly in both of our memories for different reasons brought us both to him wearing a pale pink chambray button down. He wasn't burned, but he had cancer of his jaw that left him feeling quite deformed. it's so sad, because he was always a gorgeous man - and it was his grief for losing his beauty that lead to his eventual passing. as i said, i often pick up the scent of his tobacco pipe for no apparent reason, and always find it extremely comforting when i do - like a hug.

    if anything, at least my mother and i just had an hour long conversation recalling the little details of the man we loved and lost so long ago. whether or not it is him, keeping close to my daughter and i during this time of our lives, or some other spirit one or both of us know, is still a mystery.

  • I just wanted to come here and say that your daughter and I share a birthday. When I was younger I didn't talk to people, but I could feel emotions as I'm very empath. She does have a gift though!

  • Hi, I think that's fascinating about your dad.

  • Hi Dalia -

    I'm totally convinced! It's my Da (Irish name for Grandpa), my mother's Dad. I really struggle with being a single mom; and keeping my cool with my daughter. She's a completely normal two-year old, but because she's so precocious, I tend to expect more from her than I should. Also, her energy level is off the charts compared to other kids her age, while mine is low compared to most.

    Today, while we were having a power struggle, my computer suddenly just started playing the DVD that was in it; but not even the window for the player was open. The movie title shares the same nickname that my Da had: Kiki. This is the second or third time it's happened - and I'd always dismissed it as some glitch with my new laptop. But last night, my mom told me he and an old friend of his both called each other Kiki!

    I asked my daughter's father if she sees the Old Man at his house, and she talks about an Old Guy; but more in reference to specific imagery or actual people. The way she calls all men of a certain age "Daddy" when she's with me, and all women of a certain age "Mommy" when she's with him. I'm asking the Old Man and/or my Da to contact me directly via a dream...something should come up soon.

    Thanks for your interest - it really is profound and fascinating!

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