Venus retrograde question

  • I know there is info around on the forum somewhere about Venus retrograde but I got to thinking about this today because Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and LIbra over the next few weeks - correct? What does this mean for a couple where one of them is a LIbra and the other is a Scorpio. Would this be kind of a negative time period? - That was just sort of side question about venus retrograde - but I just read where Venus retrograde can mean that buried issues can be brought to light which might require compromise and change. Generally when I hear "compromise and change" has to take place, it's a warning sign that something bad is going to happen, because asking 2 people to "compromise and change" generally requires trips to marriage counselors, therapists, etc. and usually its a "one sided" wish for "compromise and change" to occur. Just looking for some information and insight. I think I have Mercury retrograde figured out. Bad communications and my computer almost always breaks down and'or I lose my phone - or someone thinks I am blaming them for something when I am not.

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