Hallo Captain

  • Hi Captain, please can you give me a reading on the general outlook of my life - anything you can pick up?

    It's been a hectic three weeks. And in another three weeks my boyfriend and I are moving in together after finding a place together just over the weekend.

    Career-wise, I feel that there are serious blocks. It seems impossible to get a new job and jump ship from my current one.

    Recently I have been having strange and scary nightmares too.

    Any insight from you dear Captain? Thank you once again!!

  • Your nightmares are about your fears for the future. You fear moving in with your boyfriend may lead you to break up or ruin the relationship, you fear your career stalling. What you fear and focus on, you will attract so it's no wonder you are blocked. Unless you learn to relax and trust more, I foresee everything you fear happening. Unless you start to be more positive, I don't see good changes occuring for you.

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  • That was wonderful - the Charlie Brown syndrome. Yes, I might be guilty of that. I'm afraid to be too happy and too complacent just in case everything gets snatched away from me.

    I want to be more positive, but there is always that little voice at the back of my head. I'm a worr-wart! I know there are many things about the way I think that I need to change, but it's difficult. I have tried many methods but none are long lasting. I wish I wasn't so jaded at times.

    Thank you Captain......

  • Also, anything that you can pick up regarding my boyfriend?

    His DOB: 08 August 1981

    Thank you!

  • Like what ?

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