Help with a reading

  • Can anyone help me with a genereal reading i did on love, career and finances?

    I'm a Gemini and used the rider waite deck and the celtic cross as the spread. This is the way i usually interperet the cards in a reading

    1The Heart of the Matter

    2 The Crossing Card

    3 The Conscious

    4 The Sub-Conscious

    5 The Past

    6 The Near Future

    7 The Advice

    8 The Home & Immediate Environment

    9 Hopes & Wishes

    10 The Outcome (long-term)

  • Sorry, here are the cards i pulled...would be helpful wouldnt it!! 😉

    1 Queen of wands

    2 Ace of wands

    3 4 penticles

    4 fool

    5 6 wands

    7 5 swords

    8 hermit

    9 10 cups

    10 death

  • Based on the cards you have what I would say is that you a woman who has a poweful voice and would do real good in customer service or sales due to your great personality. in the near future you will be struggling finantially, there is a chance that you work more than you earn money. as far as your heart you want to be happy with everyone, the family matters to you a lot, in the long future you will change the negative things about your personality( we are not perfect)

    eventually you will be able to find a guy full of energy just like you 🙂

    make sure you take care of your health 🙂



  • thankyou Marlene 🙂

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