• Thank you so much for getting me started with some readings on this site. It has been very positive and I've been enjoying the practice. I've found a metaphysical church I attended once and am hoping to go back this weekend. Really looking forward to all the positive movement with my spiritual development.

    Wondering if you can delve a bit more into my love life and see what is coming in there??? If you don't mind.

    Still working on the dog thing too. Got in touch with a great person who works with therapy dogs and children who are like my son. Hoping she finds us something great soon. 🙂

    Love and light to you!


  • Dear Jenlyn123

    You will find companionship in an unusual or diffrent way/ Have you thought of joining a support group, as I sense that is where you may meet this lovely man that will just know what to say and do to help both you and your son. Church will also be a place he may appear/ This will be a slow moving trutle like relationship as you do not need something or someone that moves to fast / He will first of all have a great spiritual connection and be a healer. I hear the name Robert coming in here. He is near so look for him to be at your doorstep by Feb. Your son will improve more and more until it will seem he is healed in the next five years with spiritual help and also there are diffrent levels of natural healing which you need to explore for him. You will be happier than you have ever been in three yrs time.

  • Thank you so, so much for this Shuabby! It all sounds very positive and something I really needed to hear today, too.

    I have thought of a support group like setting, but there isn't a whole lot out there for parents with kids like mine. In addition, I get very little time to myself to even get to attend something like this if there were one! I will certainly keep my ears perked for a Robert though.

    So nice to hear that things will improve with my son also. I continue to hope and pray that he will be okay, and do everything in my power to assure that. Some days are just hard though, and I sometimes question how we are going to make it. Thanks for the loving reminder that all is going to be just fine, which deep down I know to be true. 🙂

    Many blessings to you,


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