Captain I need assistance please

  • Captain, I have been going through quite a time lately, financially, medically, emotionally.... you name it I have got it going on. I was hoping that perhaps you can see anything for myself my beautiful 10 year old son and my husband. I have a terrible relationship with my Mother and my son's father who are continually creating painful situations. I am disabled in pain constantly and yet am terrified of Dr.s so I avoid the treatment needed. I was told sometime back that I am dealing with past life issues. I personally also feel I may be an Empath b/c I am able to feel others feelings overwhelmingly (even on the news or tv shows) and can become quite drained at that. Due to my Mother and her slander and nastiness I have lost all my family ties. I feel very vulnerable and alone. All I want to do is support my Husband and help him accomplish his dreams and for my son to not be a pawn but just a happy little boy. Any assistance guidance anything you see specifically for financial improvement and family harmony would be greatly appreciated.

    I am Pisces 02/26/1970 born in Hudson Valley NY 9:56 am

    my son Taurus 05/04/00 @8:20pm in Lake Worth FL

    My husband Pisces 03/08/86 born in Brevard SC his mother was never honest about his actual birth conception another very strange situation. I apologize for being so wordy AND even for asking as I know it is a gift. However I am feeling about as close to a breakdown as I have in a long while and could really use some advice as to what the universe wants of me what am I missing here. Help Please. Blessed Be to you for all you do. May all good things come to you as well. Thanks for listening.

  • Well, firstly I feel you don't go to doctors because you don't feel you deserve to have good health. What are you punishing yourself for and who made you feel guilty about being well (when they were not?) Your mother?

    If you find yourself surrounded by control freaks, it is only because you want someone to restore order when you feel out of balance or control. In other words, be careful what you ask for...if you want to get rid of all the controlling influences in your life, you have to be prepared to stand on your own feet and take charge of your life. It's quite an irony but the very people you hoped would anchor and stabilize you have a way of turning out to be far crazier and more unstable than you realised. You tend to get totally smitten by people, then the next minute you're wondering what you were thinking. That's when you start to really feel think you'd go nuts on your own but then again sometimes you'd rather be able to just drift in and out of life in peaceful solitude. The best solution is to find a happy medium in between. Be with those you love, but make sure you take some time-out for yourself occasionally. Then you won't have to get sick to have some quiet and space to yourself.

    At the moment you have lost faith in your own abilities and capabilities. You are a loving, compassionate person. Instead of trying to be Ms. Perfect, let your family and friends see your vulnerable side - they might just help you out more. Get in touch with your spiritual side if you feel alone. The universe and God are there for you - it's just you who has forgotten your connection to a Higher Power in dealing with all the problems of material life. There is a Divine plan for you and you are being looked after. But you let fear and worry stop the loving energy and abundance from flowing to you.

    You do sound very empathic so spending time on your own away from crowds is especially important for you. You are a very devoted person but a tendency towards self-pity can stop you taking action. Don't get sidetracked in your plans by the demands of others. You tend to hold back for your son and husband but you must go forward FOR their sake and yours. Yes, you have a sensitive spiritual side and are a bit of a dreamer but you also have a lot of practical sense at your command. Your main problem is that you slip back into patterns of self-negation - you must follow your passion and heart's desire with more commitment and less timidity. Fix on what you want and don't let anyone put you off obtaining it.

    This year for you is all about knuckling down and working hard to hold on to what you have. It's not a time for moving on yet, not until next year. 2011 will be a year of big changes and opportunities for you.

    Your son is an intelligent perceptive boy who is very mentally oriented. This helps him to detach when situations get overly emotional or volatile. But he mustn't detach so much that he loses his compassion and generosity of spirit so you will have to watch this in him. You, being an empath, can teach him how to feel what others are feeling and be sympathetic to them. He may grow too aloof or cynical and retreat from relationships, otherwise. Cutting off from his emotions is a self-protective attitude but it mustn't be allowed to go so far that he becomes a sad loner. Teach him to be emotionally spontaneous and light-hearted.

    You and your husband have a highly personal relationship which is highly puzzling to others and which does not reveal itself easily to the world. A jealous guarding of your private life together grants it an air of mystery which only makes other people want to try to unravel its secrets. The depth of emotional profundity here can be extreme with silence playing an important role. You two are strong in the area of feelings but also in that of thought. Your relationship may show a great interest in historical, critical and technical matters and can share a lot of insights. Your social life is usually restricted to only a few friends or family members. Most often, all this relationship wants is to be left alone. Romantic tendencies can be marked here in a love affair, which is usually quite affectionate. Sensuousness rather than real passion is usual here which makes you feel more comfortable Rikku as you are not really all that relaxed with intimacy. Yet another side can surface here, however, a side that is sefl-destructive and uncritical, and that can move your relationship into dangerous waters without you two realising it. Marriage can last for years, with few problems surfacing but many being hidden away. There is a tendency not to face your problems when they are smaller and more manageable which then leads to a disaster further down the track. You both have some insecurity in family relationships where mixed signals and too much empathy can obliterate individual boundaries and enhance mutual dependencies. This relationship fares best when it is easy-going but may not hang together for very long if it hits a prolonged stream of problems. Better problem-solving abilites must be developed. Running away or ignoring a difficulty doesn't solve it and just makes it worse. You two have a tendency to bring out each other's less ambitious sides and may stop each other from achieving your potentials unless you push a lot harder and show some vigour and initiative. Strive harder to reach your goals and beware of isolation and secretiveness. Let others know when you need help.

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