Shuabby...another advice request please!

  • Hello Shuabby,

    If you would be so kind to give any insight you might have as to the direction I should take with my cancer friend, I would be much appreciative. Currently we are in a holding pattern of "just friends", but there are a couple recent things he has done that border jealous behavior, and it's confusing me because he has also told me he doesn't think things would work out for us in a relationship, after I mirrored his concerns for rushing into one - which is why I told him we should just be friends then, and have held my ground since. I sense there are things going on inside of him that he must come to terms with on his own, and until he does I suspect he fears I will see these as flaws...but I've had my struggles and don't judge others for theirs. Any insight on the direction I should take? Any insight on if friendship or another (more emotionally honest/vulnerable) go at a relationship is favored for us? I am terrified of putting myself on the chopping block when/if he will not do the same.

    Me: 11/17/76 born in Kansas, USA @ 4:30pm

    Him: 7/16/82 born in Iowa, USA @ 1:30pm

  • Solarity,

    You are a smart woman to hold back with entering a heart to heart relationship with this man. He has some issues to clear out of his life , as I feel abuse as a child or an abuseive home environment for him. This leads at times to unstable feelings about self-worth and how to love someone else. He will face new beginnings and clear endings in his life in 2011. Does he travel as I feel it is coming in and around him for work of some kind soon? A freindship is the best pathway to walk with him at this time and even for the next two years.

    You will want adventure and movement in your life with this new year and you will most certainly find it in ways of grander. You will move house and it could be not far from where you are now, or you will want to remodel or redecorate.

    You will not be alone as I feel a party for NEw Years Eve and you will not be alone at all during this new year making you put even more distance between yourself and the man you ask about. I feel a man in his 40's here with a beard that has med-brown hair yet some blonde in it also, he likes the water and water sports. I here the name of Guy coming in around you also. The new year hold fun and entertainment the likes you have not had in awhile. Enjoy

  • Thank you so much, Shaubby!

    He is trying to get a job in Louisianna (where he had been living 5+ years, prior to moving back to his home town here in FL this past winter), and I really do feel getting the job he has his hopes on would be a very positive thing for him. I will keep my fingers crossed for him.

    And I will keep my heart open for the future, and my thoughts positive. Out of curiosity, is this Guy someone I am in contact with currently?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  • Silarity,

    When I receive names I'm not always sure if they are present or deceased. In this case I do feel that Guy is living and if you already know him and his name came in, than he will have some meaning to you on this journey we call life.

  • Ahhhh, misunderstanding on my part, I apologize. I do not know a male named Guy yet, but I will look forward to meeting him when I do. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Hello again, Shuabby! 🙂 So I met a guy who fits most of what you had predicted, but I am not sure if he is the guy you mentioned (as his name is not Guy). This guy is 35 with medium-length brown hair with bits of blond/grey, and is athletic in an outdoorsy way. We met on Thanksgiving and have been happily dating since the beginning of December, and spent NY together - which was one of my best NY's yet. So far this has been one of the best beginnings of what seems like a potentially wonderful long-term relationship, with lots of open communication, romance, and a real sense that we both truly like each other as people and partners.

    I will be moving in March, also as you mentioned, and it's less than an hour from where I live now, but I feel much better about where I am moving to versus where I currently live. I feel that the move will open many other doors both professionally and personally. What are your feelings on all of this?

    I don't see my cancer friend often, and he is aware that I am dating and happy. He has attempted contact but I've kept it very casual and sparse. I would rather put my energy into my current relationship than indulge the past.

    Any insight on my current relationship and future move is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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