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  • I would like to know if I could request a reading? I would like to know if I will find love sometime in the future ?

    Thank you


  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, it has been very hard to get over what has happened. I was single for 13 years and someone I knew from years ago came back into my life with the promise of marriage and buying a house. His cell phone one day accidently dialed me and I heard him & his wife discussing the vacation they were going to leave for in 2 days. I was so blown away and hurt. It just wont get better for me. I am trying to keep very busy and no matter what, I cant get over this. All I want is to get over this. I just hope one day he will get back this bad karma for lying, cheating and hurting people. His wife told me her best friend was a witch and she was putting a curse on me. This whole thing has been the most shameful thing I have ever been thru. I need my life back, I just need my life back.

  • May I say something PLEASE?? It was No accident that his phone dialed you.

    That was the Universes way of letting you know that you were being made a complete ASS

    DO NOT beat yourself up. Save that energy for the next deserving Guy that you are going to meet. Repent and ask the Universe for forgiveness; for it was NOT your fault, And MOVE ON.

    Believe me in Three Months he is going to get a Back Lash of karma!!

    I know honey...I have had MY share of; snakes, dogs, losers, jerks, lyers,scam artists etc.etc.etc.

    Married men can be so: Carefree,Dotting, Charming ,Smooth, Impulsive and Romantic . THAT was your first clue right there.

    They act like this so that they can reel you in.

    The best advice that I can give YOU, is to replay ALL of the scenarios in your mind, when you were dating him; Because, I am willing to bet that there were signs.

    Did he call you past 10:00 P.M.??...reason being the wife probably was working THIRD shift!

    Did you spend time at his house?

    Did you meet his friends and family?

    Did you guys go out during the DAYTIME IN YOUR OWN CITY or TOWN?

    When you two were planning to buy a house....did you actually go to Open Houses and talk to the real estate agent?

    Ask yourself these questions!!

    Please Go Forward In Peace.

  • Amethy there is going to be a potential of partners in future for you!!!

    I see love and fun and happiness for you and you deserve it.

    I did a reading and got the same as watergirl!

    Sending you light and love 🙂

    Hang in there! xoxo

  • HEllo gypsydreams

    I would like to know if you could please do a reading for me. There is a man that I like and have liked him for a very long time. And we have talked for a while and then he just seems to have stop talking too me. I am a cancer dob is july 12 1961 and his is April 13 1954 and I was wondering if you could me understand what is going on with him. Because he wanted to have a relationship and then nothing now. Can you please help.

    Illona aka Lustylavendar69

  • Hello

    I would also appreciate a reading if anyone has time. Just wondering if i will find love in the near future. Seems lately everything has went wrong regarding relationships in my life. My DOB is 09-08-76

    Thank you

  • blackladydiver I did a reading for you here.. http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=10675&replies=1#post-168302

  • Thank you for everything

  • So that means I will get over this, thank you. This has been such a struggle for me

    Thank you

  • Hi everyone, this is the first time I have been on this forum and I have been reading previous posts, an was wandering if someone would be so kind to give me a reading on relationships as I have been single for 7 years now, I have had dates but no relationship, an the men I do meet are no good, or have girlfriends an forget to tell me at the start.:-( an just wanted to know if there is someone in my near future. My DOB is 10/11/1976. Thank you X

  • Hi everyone!

    I also would like to know if someone could do a reading for me please?

    I would like to know if i will ever find that true lasting love feeling again (I am married, but no longer feel in love with him and would like to leave)

    I miss that blissful happiness of love, and wonder if i will ever experience it again with someone new?

    Do you see someone new inmy future? Or maybe I should just be grateful and happy with what I have.

    I will gladly do a reading for someone in return if you want 🙂

    Thank you


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