Captain your insight pls

  • Dear Captain,

    What's up with me?..delays, delays, stagnation, loneliness, tears. I do pray a lot, I meditate and I am trying my level best to be positive. What do I need to do?

  • Faithee, life is messy sometimes. You can't always order or plan or control it. I feel you are clinging too rigidly to the routines, details, and rituals of your life and not relaxing and letting go of all your fears enough to let your energy flow. When energy doesn't flow out of you, it can't bring anything back to you. You are bogging yourself down with a stubborn insistence on sticking to what you think are the rules. But the Universe's rules and laws are far different to those of this earth. The universe's plan is based on a much wider grasp of the big picture than you have. God has more details and information than you do which is why you trust Him to guide your life. At the moment you are trying to direct Him, not follow.

    You say you pray a lot but what you are really praying for is that things go the way you want them to, in the order and routine you want them to, to happen in a way you are used to. You are losing your spirtual awareness under the weight of material concerns. You must trust in God enough to let Him organise your life and give you what you need. Be more flexible. Throw away that list of wanted items you have for Him and just let what you really need come to you.

    If you don't have a lot of stuff or people in your life right now, you have to trust and accept that you don't need them. What you obviously do need is space to deal with your issues before you take on any more burdens and circumstances. Be grateful that you are being given the solitude and peace you need to think and see clearly. Use it to determine what is really important to you. It's up to you to take advantage of your situation, not rebel against it or revile it. Look at what you have now rather than what you don't have. You might not need what you think you need at all. You are blessed with a unique ability to turn your visions into concrete reality but you have to be really sure of what you need to make you happy. And it's not money or a partner. What you really need is to find self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance/approval and a more spiritual outlook. Appreciate your fine analytical mind and the patience you know you have deep down to achieve what you want. You simply have to discover what it is you really want to achieve. As long as your outer eartthly self chases dreams that aren't really what you need for your greater good, your higher self will continue to sabotage your attempts. Become authentic and your goals will then be in reach.

    All your delays, stagnation, loneliness, and tears are simply Universal and inner signposts telling you to 'go back - you are heading in the wrong direction.' Life is easy when we follow our true heart's desires.

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    I can't thank you enough for your kind wisdom and insight. You really got me thinking and most importantly you are spot on. I am going to put more effort in focusing on the right things and letting go of my fears and completely put my trust in GOD and let him direct my life.

    You are correct in that everyday and night I have been praying for a job, husband, etc to a point of desperation. I need to relax and let him take over. I guess the univese has sense my desperation and fear hence the stagnations, delays etc.

    Where do I start though? - how do I learn to be authentic so I can be able to achieve self -love, self acceptance etc. As you have mentioned the universe says go back - you are heading in the wrong direction" How do I head in the right direction?

    I thank you!

    Love and light

  • The Universe is giving you the space you need to revise your life. Use it to get in touch with what you really want from life - not what your family and friends or society expects of you. You have to dig deep inside to unearth your real identity, the one you had as a young child before you were conditioned to think as you were supposed to. Don't buy into the idea of a partner and family being the only source of happiness. Get back to your basic self. Don't listen to anyone else about who you should be and what you should do. If being alone suits you, do it. If giving your all to having a great career suits you, do it. If being a wife and mother suits you, do it. But whatever you choose to do, do it because you really really want it, not because you think you should want it..

    Release your fear of what you can't control. No matter how practical or down-to-earth you may be, strive towards a higher level of consciousness and don't forget you are at heart an immortal all-wise being. Teach others how to be spiritual in a pragmatic, common sense way. Your destiny does not entail a metamorposis or turnaround so much as a steady outward thrust from the earthly to the spiritual. Your biggest challenge is to learn to overcome yourself and your own predispositions, such as your ability to analyse and systemize which is both a gift and a curse. You can become stuck in a preoccupation with the small mundane details of your life and miss the bigger grander picture. You often feel safest when boxed in by schedules, routines, and modes of thought. You can grow comfortable with the way you have ordered your own - and often everyone else's - life. A more process-oriented - or 'go with the flow' - approach will help you deal with the virulent anxiety that comes when things seem out of your control. Trust God and the Universe at such times and loosen your tight grip on ordering your world. Release your need for the safety of being limited by structures of your own making and tap into deeper levels of meaning or larger concepts. In the end, you will come to understand that the theoretical and spiritual are simply natural extensions of the physical, and you can become just as comfortable rearranging these more ethereal sides of life in better-designed, more useful ways as you are with ordering your physical world.

  • Thank you snd God bless!

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