Help could someone explain this for me ??!!!!:)

  • My bday is june 1987 im a gemini with a virgo moon and a mars in cancer and a venus in taurus ........i am wondering what sets me apart from a typical gemini how does these placements act together SORRY I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO WORD THIS HMMMMMM....................Ok how does each one of those signs affect my gemini sun ???Hope you understand ?! Thanks. ie does it make me a more sensitive gemini etcetcetc thanx everyone is welcome to answer please EXPLAIN:)

  • Someone will help you, used to be a girl named HighPriestess who specialized in the horoscope, good luck! 🙂

  • Gem-Tau-Sco (sun-moon-rising) I can give you some personal perceptions. We are somewhat similiar being Geminis with earth sign moons and Venus in Taurus. Like myself you are earthy, more practical and alot less flighty and superficial than many Geminis. I get along with all signs but in the area of romance can not find chemistry with a Gemini woman though we may be easy friends. Mars in Cancer must be difficult for you unless you're a nurse or helping others as a profession. Venus in Taurus is a great placement. Combined with Mars in Cancer could make you shy. But get some really

    professional feedback. What a loving combo of signs. I pray you find your balance and enjoy a beautiful life. JoeyPapps

  • joepapps ,

    Thanx so much for your reply you are right my mars in cancer is extremely difficult for me because im a nurse or helping others is not my proffesion i think it makes me a little codependent

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