Looking for a little lift...PSYCHIC HELP ASKED FOR

  • Hi...I am at a point where the moods are swinging so high and low while I wait to hear back once more from my editors. My whole happiness will fall for me and my kids to get out of this place where I we are surrounded by vendictive in law families. I have had a reading done a couple months ago and it sounded positive and unfortunately she is very expensive after the first call that I am begging for any help to see if we are still on track here. My book JADE (I know I have asked before but I am at a different point now) I am looking for any kind of time line for its outcome. ANYTHING would be helpful at all...really...Can the gifted psychics on here help me please...Thank you...birthdate 5/8/72 Molly

  • Hi Molly, I just wanted to send you a quick reply to you about your post.

    I see a lot of positive in your future, but the mood swings need to be controlled somehow, because the emotions will block your plans causing them to delay.

    I see 3 months or less about the book.

    Blessings your way Molly 🙂


  • Thank you very much for that...This whole waiting and wondering if my book is going to get published is crucial in so many ways. Everytime I get to the positive point because I think I am going to hear back that they are done...there is another two week wait. I think once I KNOW that I am going to get an agent soon I will feel better about the whole process. My gut tells me everything is going to go as planned and I will see my book in print early next year so I can then start working on the sequel in another state...But I have such dreaded doubt to deal with...Anything else on the time line???? Thanks though I appreciate what has been said. The timeline is a doozy...sigh...

    Heartfelt blessings back to you and anyone else who would like to help.


  • Next year will be your power year for your career, probably February. But read any legal papers and documents carefully and have someone in the know check them over. Read the fine print.

  • ..Thank you Captain. I will owe you all a bit for your help WHEN it comes out...so thank you HUGELY in advance for your help. I am working hard to keep really busy so I stay POSITIVE for the family. I KNOW they all feed off me they are so empathetic to me....I must focus and have faith in my editors and that they will coninue to guide me and not desert me.



  • Oh Captain...the fine print part....anything inpaticular...or are you just being cautious?


  • No, I feel the publishers may try to slip a few special clauses into a standard contract, hoping you won't know enough to recognise what they are. They will want to gain more control of your book than will suit you so be careful and get someone you trust to check over any legal papers.

  • Okay...and I will be very careful...I have a couple legal people I will entrust with my future. Thank you...how scary...I will proceed with caution...and I will be back in touch with this site as things progress.

    Have a super night and thank you for your kind words of wisdom...


  • It's just something I feel that many publishers try to do - get absolute control of as much of the work as possible, leaving a writer with little say in the changes the publishers may want to make to the book. They want to own as much of it as possible to ensure they get max returns.

  • I have read that type of info from writers blogs on line. I know it will be hard to contain that control when an agent and publisher are finally willing to take that step with me. But, I will remember this. I have faith in my skills and I know it's a new story twist to the many other series out there. I truly believe it will be recieved well...again, this is the part that drives me up and down...it's the waiting. The psychic I talked to said that I would have an agent between Halloween and Thanksgiving (have no idea how I will find this agent in this time frame unless my editors have something up their sleeve)..my editors have just started the final rewrite (I think...they have been so busy) so I don't know time wise if this is still acturate or not. She said the book would be out early next year and I would move in the spring back home. How do you feel about these predictions?...if you don't mind....Again, if you would like me to keep you updated with predictions on this its the least I could do. But, my heat goes out to you for your willingness to help me help myself in all my personal chaos.

    Most Sincere,


  • I don't feel you will have a definite agent by that time limit but I do feel you will have caught some interest that just needs a bit of convincing and compromise to win through. It still feels a bit 'up-in-the-air ' yet to me. And time predictions are very hard to make accurately as people have the free will to change their minds at any time. Predictions are only accurate if nothing at all changes in the meantime since the prediction.

  • Goodmorning...Here is a little update.

    My editors have called me three times this week trying o get my rewrite in order. They are NOW just starting it ( I am thinking for real they are this time.) The first time they called after some talking they through out "a friend of theirs named Gary is an agent...has helps some clients get their books published through a New York Publishing Co...." Then they just moved on said it would take them a bit to get through this rewrite. How long I have no idea. I keep getting a bit excited about them tossing out that info, but then I beat myself down and say it doesn't mean anything. What are your thoughts on this? Is it something? Have they already spoken to this Gary guy? Now I have the waiting game and this possibilty of..something...I keep telling myself these emotional sycles will be worth it in the end...but oh the games I play on myself...eesh!

    Thanks as always for your uncanny insite.



  • I feel the editors are going through a lot of necessary upheavals in their company (changing the admin and staff, policies, etc) at the moment. You should hold on because once it passes, they will get down to business with all their clients. The changes they are making will be good for all concerned.

  • Captain,

    Goodmorning! A little follow up here...

    My editors contacted me a couple weeks ago stating they would be working on my book again soon. I believe they are and are trying to get it finished by the end of this month...so I believe we are still on the track of February for my big break.

    My husband I believe is now courious enough (supportive? maybe) to look into seeing what I know inside. He asked for us to go see a psychic this Friday (one his moms sees on occaission)...I am nervous/excited because it's what I have been wanting for him to HEAR...confirmation of what great things lie ahead. I say nervous too because I don't know of course exactly how its going to play out and if he will digest it all...I think he will...I guess to calm my nerves a bit and go into the reading feeling confident can you please give me an update on my book? Jitters...eesh...

    Thanks again for your thoughts and sight!

    Molly....MKJH 5/8/72 (husband if you need them WCH 6/15/72)

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  • The February - March 2011 period will be a great adventure and success for you and your writing career.

  • Thank you for that reassurance! Can't wait for Friday!

    Talk to you soon..


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